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You are NOTHING without Confidence

nothingA man cannot be a REAL man without confidence. There are no “if’s” “and’s” or “but’s” about this. 

In order for a man, or any person for that matter, to achieve success and get the most out of their life, they must be confident in themselves. Without confidence there will only be failure, regret and misery. 

When you truly feel confident in yourself, your appearance, your personality and your abilities, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from being who and what you want to be. 

Some may argue against me but I don’t care. That is a FACT. When you have real, genuine confidence there is not an obstacle you feel you cannot overcome.

There is no challenge you feel you cannot face, head on. Life can throw at you whatever it may but, when you have true confidence, you know that you will somehow come out on top.

Some of you who currently have little or no confidence may wonder how a person can get it. My advice is to think back. Here’s what I mean…  

While I’m not a person who likes to dwell in the past I will say that a wise man can use what he’s experienced, learned and, in the case of confidence, achieved, to his benefit. 

Surely there has been a time in your life when you have achieved something that you wanted SO bad. I’m certain, for all of you there has been a goal that you have met. When you did, how did that make you feel? 

I’d be willing to bet a one night stand with Mila Kunis that you felt confident as hell after you achieved that thing you wanted so badly. 

What does that have to do with now and today? Well, EVERYTHING actually. 

If you’ve done something, anything great, if only once in your life then you KNOW you have the ability to do it. You’ve proven it already. So that means, because you already have that ability, you can do it again! 

Look to those experiences in your life when you’ve shown that you are a REAL man and have what it takes to get the job done. Those times, when you did it, you had TRUE confidence in yourself. I know because you wouldn’t have done it without confidence.

If you’ve taken some hits in life don’t feel alone. We all have.

The difference is that some people, who get blind-sided by the bull shit life throws their way, allow it to zap them of all their confidence and belief in themselves. Others simply pick themselves up, dust themselves off and charge the fuck forward. 

Don’t let yourself forget the man who you truly are. Your problems in life do NOT define you. It’s how you RESPOND to those problems that make you the man who you are.

What does all of this have to do with attracting women? A hell of a lot, that’s what. 

To be a true Alpha Male and attract more beautiful women into your life you must think highly enough of yourself to be able to look any woman in the eye. 

You need to walk with confidence and with a purpose when you approach them. Your mindset should be that you are offering them an opportunity to meet and get to know an amazing, REAL man. 

You should feel as though you are allowing them the chance to have a man of value in their life. 

Remember, you offer them something that NO other man can, the ability to be with you. They should feel privileged. 

That, my friend, is REAL confidence.

– Michael Wheeler

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