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Women WANT Sex (How to Be the Man She Sleeps With)

wantedOne of the BIGGEST myths that way too many men falsely believe is that women do NOT like sex. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Women LOVE sex. They absolutely crave it. Sex is one of the TOP 3 things that they all constantly think about.

Make no mistakes about it, women WANT sex.

But if all of this is true, why does society and even women themselves constantly pretend to claim that they do not want sex. In fact, some women make men believe that they flat out HATE sex.

So what is really going on? Do women WANT sex? Or… do they absolutely HATE it?

It’s time for us to uncover the truth…

Why Women Absolutely Love and WANT Sex

The truth is that ALL women want and like sex. They have all just been conditioned to believe by their family, friends, and the media that they shouldn’t want sex.

Remember, all women are sluts.

Every single girl has an inner naughty side buried deep within her. Every girl has a secret fetish, a secret FANTASY that she thinks about and tells nobody else about.

Here is the cold dark truth: The way a girl behaves, what she is willing to do sexually, and how FAST she wants to do it has ALMOST EVERYTHING to do with the male she is being seduced by… and almost NOTHING to do with her own preferences, rules, or upbringing.

And the men who allow a girls rules, false society programming, and behavior to dictate how THEY act usually receive NO sex… at all.

But let’s start at the beginning of most girls upbringing…

When girls are young, EVERYONE around them is constantly telling them that having sex is WRONG. The media says this to them, her friends and family tell them this, and they even try to convince themselves of this.

But guess what?

No matter how much a girl tries to lie to herself, no matter how much her family tries to convince her that sex is WRONG, she will STILL eventually meet a man who is able to turn her on, unleash her inner naughty side, and make her have sex.

Because SEX is what ALL women biologically want and need.

Here are some tips that will allow you to have sex with girls much quicker…

Touch Her Fast and Touch Her Often

One of the BIGGEST mistakes that too many guys make is not touching girls enough. In fact, most men fail to even touch women at all.

They just go out on dates with girls, try to play it safe, and “hope” that the girl will eventually be the one to make the first move.

All of which NEVER works. Here’s the deal…

Whenever you meet a girl who you WANT to sleep with, you must make physical contact with her… preferably within the first 2 minutes of you meeting her.

This will let her know that you are not a weak man who is too afraid to make a move and go after what he wants.

This will let her know that you are a man who is fearless and is not afraid to get rejected.

And this will sub-communicate to her that you are a man with an abundance mentality, a man with PLENTY of other options.

So the next time you meet a girl who you are interested in having sex with, touch her and watch her attraction for you continue to build higher and higher.

Talk Little, Let HER Do Most of the Talking

One of the biggest ways that guys sabotage their success with women is by talking too much.

Most guys just don’t know how to shut the hell up.

Whenever you are out on a date with a girl, or whenever you first meet a girl in the daytime, talk very little and allow HER to do most of the talking.

This is done by asking her very deep and personal questions.

This is done by staying AWAY from “interview mode” and having an interesting conversation with her.

This is done by knowing and learning how to talk to girls.

Men seriously, shut the hell up whenever you are in the presence of a woman and you want her to drop her panties.

Just shut the hell up and watch her attraction and DESIRE for you continue to grow higher and higher.

Have Killer Instinct: This Will Either Make or Break You

Killer instinct is what separates the men from the boys.

Having killer instinct is what separates the winners from the chumps and losers.

Having killer instinct is why some guys GET LAID and some guys CAN’T.

Do you want to get laid?

Then learn how to have killer instinct… and act on it.

Learn how to seal the deal and take women to bed.

Learn how to bring a girl to orgasm and pleasure her sexually.

You do all of these things and you will develop the killer instinct needed to attract beautiful women into your life and more importantly, KEEP them there.

All Women Want Sex: Are You The Chosen Man to Give it To Them?

Ignore what women say: They give TERRIBLE advice.

Ignore what your mother or family members say: They don’t get laid that often do they?

Ignore what all of your friends say: Do you really want your dating and sex life to look like theirs?

The secret to getting laid is so simple that it’s pathetic: Find a guy who gets laid and copy what he does.

That is the secret to achieving the sex life of Hugh Hefner and that is what is going to get girls into your bed the FASTEST.

Until next time,

– Malcolm Thomas

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