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Women Like Men Who Cheat

cheat Yes, its true.

Women like men who cheat.

They may pretend and say that they don’t like men who cheat but on a subconscious level, women are attracted to men who cheat whether they admit to it or not.

How so, you might be asking?

Allow me to explain…

The Biggest Reason Why Women Like Men Who Cheat

The biggest reason why women like men who cheat is not so much the actual cheating itself, but rather what it says about the man. And when a man cheats on a woman, what it says about that man is this: I am a man who is wanted by OTHER women.

That is insanely attractive, and on a deep subconscious level, when a man cheats on a woman, her attraction for that man grows and increases. She becomes more emotionally invested in him and her respect for that man actually grows.

Yes, if you ask a woman out in public if she “likes” a man who cheats, she is going to say “of course not”, but on the other hand she will certainly NOT want to date and sleep with a man who is unable to cheat on her. In other words, she will not lust after and feel attraction for a man who is NOT wanted and sought after by OTHER women.

Let’s face it, the ONLY men who are able to successfully cheat, are the men who know how to get girls.

Subconsciously on a very deep micro level, women rationalize to themselves that a man who is able to cheat MUST be a man who understands women, knows how to talk to them, and is able to move fast with them and make things happen.

Women Prefer Men Who Cheat

Yes, women actually prefer men who cheat, because it shows that those men have “options”. The opposite of this is your average clingy loser who other women don’t want.

Consciously girls will say that they hate men who cheat but subconsciously, she is impressed on a deep emotional level.

So Should You Cheat On Women In Order to Keep Them Attracted to You?

No, you actually shouldn’t cheat on women just to keep them attracted to you. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to.


What you MUST do is keep a woman thinking that you might be cheating on her and have OTHER women in your life. She must know that she doesn’t completely have you to herself yet.

Are you actually cheating on her?

No. But in her own mind, she won’t know whether or not you are actually “cheating” on her which is a good thing. You want to keep a woman guessing and thinking that she hasn’t fully won you over yet.

So, you don’t have to cheat on women in order to keep them in your life, but…

You must be able to cheat on women at a moment’s notice if it ever truly came down to it. You must be able to NOT chase but “replace her” on ANY day of the week if you really must and had to.

A man with an abundance mentality is very attractive to women and the reason for that is because he knows that he can go out on ANY day of the week, approach beautiful women,get their phone numbers, go out on a successful first date with them, and get them into his bed quickly.

THIS is a man who women find attractive.

A man who is able to attract OTHER girls at will, a man who is able to connect with women on a very deep emotional level, and most importantly, a man who is able to cheat on her if… he has to.

– Malcolm Thomas

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