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Women ARE Replaceable

Let me share with you one secret to achieving MASSIVE success with women and this secret ONLY requires knowing and understanding this ONE simple concept…

Women ARE Replaceable.

Women are replaceable. It’s true.

No matter how great that you think a certain girl looks…

No matter how good you believe that a certain girl acts…

No matter how much you “like” a certain girl…

There is ANOTHER girl somewhere close who is MORE better looking than she is, MORE better acting than she is, and more HOTTER than she is.

So if you see a cute girl at Starbucks, just approach her, because even IF she rejects you, who cares?

There is ANOTHER girl right around the corner who is more HOTTER than she is, more SMARTER than she is, and who will have sex with you more quickly if you just approach her.

It is just as simple as that. The law of abundance is REAL. Women ARE Replaceable.

Girls are plentiful and there is simply way too many of them to go around.

Don’t get sucked into one woman who is “Not Like The Rest” thinking you can never replace her. You CAN.

Girls are like buses. If you miss one, another one is waiting right around the corner. This is true with buses and it is also true with women.

Most girls are NOT unique. Most girls are EXACTLY the same.

They may think that they are all special and unique but I promise you that they are really NOT.

So stop thinking or believing that any ONE girl is “special” or cannot be replaced because the truth is SHE CAN and most of the time very easily.

I mean really ask yourself: Is there really any ONE thing that one particular girl can give you that you CAN’T get from another?

The answer of course is NO!

You like a certain girl who provides you with companionship? Great, there is another girl right down the street who can provide that for you better than her.

You like how great a certain girl sucks your dick? OK, keep her in a casual relationship but I STILL guarantee you that there is some other girl out there who gives even BETTER head than she does.

You like how well a certain girl looks? Please. You find much more HOTTER, better looking women than her. Girls with her looks come around a dime a dozen.

A girl likes you but won’t SLEEP with you until the THIRD date? Yeah, I’ve been through that too. I left those girls and immediately searched for and FOUND women who WANTED to sleep with me on the very first date sometimes MINUTES after I first met them.

There is NO one thing that a certain girl can give to you that you CANNOT get from a dozen OTHER girls in your very neighborhood.

It is as simple as that.

This is why chasing girls is such a foolish idea and DUMB waste of your time.

This is why I always personally LAUGH whenever guys tell me that they can’t stop thinking about a girl.

Because to ME and my abundance mentality, it makes absolutely NO sense.

Attracting Women is EASY But ONLY if You Allow it to Be…

Your girlfriend won’t let you kiss her out in public? Find a NEW girlfriend who WILL!

The girl you sometimes sleep with won’t go down on you and give you mind-blowing head on a consistent basis? Find another girl who WILL!

The answer to all of your woman problems is EASY and most importantly, it is all the SAME…

Find a girl you like, who likes you BACK, who is willing to do all of the things that YOU personally enjoy doing.

Women ARE Replaceable. This is a simple FACT of life and it is bound to NEVER change.

Women are expendable. When you piss off one, another one is waiting right around the corner with her legs spread open BEGGING you to have sex with her.

Stop getting CONFUSED about seduction or female attraction or all of this other NON-SENSE or pick up theory.

Women ARE replaceable. And guys who are super successful with women already know this.

This is why you will never see REAL alpha male men get mad if a girl walks off or leaves them.

This is why you will NEVER see a man who gets what he wants CARE if a girl rejects him after he approaches her.

This is why you will never hear ME give you tips or secrets on how to AVOID rejection. Because doing so DOESN’T exist.

And let me tell you, if you are too scared or fearful about hearing ONE girl tell you “No” then you will NEVER ever be successful at business or sales.

Sales is nothing BUT getting past all of the No’s so that you can eventually hear all of the Yes’es.

Success with women works in the exact same exact way.

You might meet one girl who will not let you hold her hands a minute after meeting her but a day later you might meet another girl who WILL.

This is why pick up and dating is a numbers game and requires having an abundance mentality if you truly want to become successful.

There is NO SUCH THING as the perfect pick up.

There is NO SUCH THING as being able to attract any girl that you want.

And likewise, there is NO SUCH THING as being able to avoid rejection all of the time.

That is simple garbage baloney myth that pick up artists feed you so that you will buy their products.

I refuse to sell you false dreams, false hopes, false expectations, and all of that other type of non-sense.

BUT, there is ONE thing that I CAN promise you…

ONE tip that will accelerate your success…

ONE tip that I can give to you that will improve your dating and sex life dramatically and that secret is THIS…

Women ARE Replaceable. They are NOT scarce, they are plentiful AND expendable.

Once you fully grasp and understand this concept, you will NEVER chase women again.

Once you fully internalize this mindset, you will suddenly find girls chasing after YOU.

Once you fully begin to ADOPT this philosophy and put into ACTION this concept, then girls will begin to find YOU irreplaceable.

Never chase a girl, just simply replace her.

– Malcolm Thomas

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