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Why Girls Still Flake On You

flkEvery man has experienced moments in his life that he would love to forget. One of those magic moments is when you just got a phone number from a girl and you could explode because you are so happy, just to find out that she doesn’t pick up the phone when you are calling her.

One of the worst experiences a man can have is when he approached a girl and when he thought that she was completely into him, even though she wasn’t interested at all. Of course not every woman wants to sleep with you but sometimes you are talking to a woman and you just know that you will land in bed with her.

Unfortunately, you could be completely wrong. There is not ONE successful seducer on this planet that has never experienced the misery of an amazing girl who flaked on him. It happens to the best of the best.

What distinguishes the great seducers from all the average men out there is that they rethink what they have done and that they analyze their mistakes in order to make it better the next time. Do you want to be one of those great guys?

Good, then let’s have a look at the things that can motivate women to flake.

No Emotional Connection

What have you found out about the last woman that you have approached? If you only remember that she had big boobs and a nice smile you don’t have to wonder why you don’t have the success with women that you want to have.

Even if a woman just wants to have sex with you, she needs at least a little bit of emotional connection with you. Women want to know that you don’t only want to meet her because she has a nice ass. They are aware of the fact that there are thousands of other women who also have a sexy ass.

Give them some appreciation and make sure that she understands WHY you want to meet her and not the girl on the opposite table who looks nearly the same.

No Sexual Connection    

Have you looked her in the eyes like a guy who knows that he is going to fuck her? Have you shown her with your body language that you are a self-confident man who is not afraid of getting sexual?

Unless you show a woman that you want to have sex with her, she won’t feel the desire to have sex with you. It is really that simple. A man who hides his sexual desire is completely unattractive to women.

The only thing that you will get when you hide your sexuality is a free ticket directly in the friend zone.

External Influences

What if a woman flakes when you have connected with her on an emotional and on a sexual level?

Well, sometimes things happen that you simply can’t control.

Maybe she met the man of her dreams the next day. Maybe she lost her job and has to rethink her life before she can meet a new guy. Maybe she finally realizes that she is a lesbian.

The best thing you can do when a girl doesn’t answer the phone is to go out and to approach the next woman. She will be the one who waits the whole weekend by the phone for you.

– Sebastian Harris

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