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Why You Should Not Take Life Too Seriously

November 26, 2014

Yeah. That’s a date. A date that I’ll remember for the REST of my life. It was 5:30 am, doing shitty stuff when I felt my phone vibrate. I knew it before even looking at my phone.


That’s the text message I got from my step-mom that day. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how will I react. Got off from my seat, went to dad’s.

The travel was weird. People saw me tearing up inside the bus, maybe they were thinking “what the fuck is wrong with this homo?” But I didn’t care. It was a long bus ride, since traffic here in Manila is fucked up. Totally fucked up.

So I finally got there and saw my dad lying on the sofa, had a tube inside his nose down to his stomach, (yeah I know it’s gross but let me explain why he had it).

Dad had cerebral palsy when he was alive. He had it since birth. Our family didn’t know the reason why he got it, but grandma told me the doctor fucked up. I don’t know the truth about it but dad had it.

It was “MILD” though so the only problem was, He cant walk properly. He had to lean on walls in order to go somewhere. He’s one tough guy.

So years later when he and mom got married, he gained weight. A lot of it. So sometime in 2010, he had a stroke. That nailed him real bad for 3 years . Alright. That’s enough back story.

So going back, I saw him at peace lying on the sofa. Of course I was teary and all that shit but looking at him and at the life he lived, I really didn’t think he had a great time here.

I realized DYING WAS HIS WAY OUT OF IT. And it was really depressing. Wanna know why?

Because he was only 55. Yes, tom cruise is like 2 years younger than him. So what am I saying here? Why did I say NOT to take life seriously? It’s because..

LIFE IS TOO SHORT fellas. We’re too busy working, getting rich, getting phone numbers, getting famous and all that crazy shit.

But are you really trying to live the life you truly want? Is the shit that you’re doing worth it? If yes, then good for you pal.

If you die today and you’ll be given a DVD to watch your whole life, would you recommend it to your fellow dead friends?

People of the world, sometimes we need to take a step back and exhale. Realize that any moment, you might DIE. And once you do, it’s over pal. Worms and maggots will take over your dead body and fuck you up the asshole. Yes, asshole.

Live your life. Be with your family, enjoy your friends, take that driving lesson that you think you need to get. Date that chick that you’ve been wanting to buttfuck. Kiss that ho! Learn to cook Japanese food, Korean, Filipino.

I don’t care what your trip is. As long as you think that it would be a great Title for YOUR life DVD, then it’s all good to me. I’d rather watch “Malcolm Thomas: The Great Butt Fucker” rather than, “Malcolm Thomas: The Salesman Who Sold Socks” that would suck so bad.

Enjoy Life,

– Jerik

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