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Why You Should NOT Have Any Female Friends

have female friendsHaving female friends serves absolutely no purpose for you. There is absolutely NO point or benefit to you having any female friends.

Having female friends is not only bad for you, but it also makes you LESS LIKELY to attract and sleep with the women who you truly want. 

“Malcolm, you must have gone crazy? What could possibly be so bad about having women as friends?”

A Whole LOT. I would venture to say that most men fail with women (and ultimately never improve with women) precisely BECAUSE they have female friends. Allow me to explain to you exactly why having female friends is so destructive if your goal is to attract and succeed with women.

Why Do Most Men Have Female Friends?

For me to better explain to you why it’s so bad to have female friends, we must first discuss and determine why most men have any female friends to begin with.

In my opinion the most common reasons why men have female friends is because:

  • These men are stuck in the friend zone (and are secretly hoping to somehow sleep with these women by becoming their friends.)
  • These men are gay (and therefore are not attracted to these women)
  • These men (incorrectly) believe and think that they are getting “somewhere” with these women when in reality these women are using these men for their money, emotional validation, and security.

You should begin to notice a very common theme here: Most men have female friends because they are either stuck in the friend zone OR because they are gay.

If you are a man who is hoping to achieve success with women, having women as your friends will set you back on your path to improvement. To take it one step further, whenever a man and a woman are “friends” it is almost NEVER a mutual friendship. ONE party is ALWAYS trying (or rather hoping) to get something from the OTHER party.

Either the man is trying to “win points” with his female friend and have sex with her OR the woman already kNOWS the man’s intentions and goes on to use him for all of his money, emotional support, and validation before moving on to the next man.

Either way, most men-women friendships are not really friendships, what they really‘ involve is ONE party trying to get SOMETHING from the OTHER party. In essence, most men try to become friends with women because they “hope” to get something from those women.

The reason why most men have female friends is because most men are secretly hoping to somehow sleep with their female friends.

But this only tells us why most men try to get female friends… why is having female friends so bad and detrimental to begin with?

Why Is It Bad For A Man To Have Female Friends?

The biggest reason why it’s such a terrible idea for a man (who hopes to improve with women) to have any female friends is because this causes him to become complacent. It causes him to settle and stop trying. 

How so you might ask?

Think about the typical thing that most men do once they end up in the friend zone:

  • John likes Sally but takes too long to actually make a move and ask her out and ends up in the friend zone.
  • John rationalizes to himself that Sally is still valuable to him as a friend because he can begin getting more comfortable talking to women.
  • John begins meeting a bunch of Sally’s OTHER friends and begins becoming THEIR friends too.
  • Meanwhile John is NOT approaching and talking to other women who he is interesting in dating and sleeping with because… well… John thinks to himself “I will eventually get my shot with Sally or one of the other girls. I just have to be patient and wait my turn”.
  • But John NEVER gets “his shot” because when Sally breaks up with her current boyfriend she immediately begins dating some OTHER guy who she ISN’T friends with.
  • John realizes this and begins trying to pursue some of Sally’s OTHER friends who he befriended but when he tries flirting with them they respond back to him with “You’re a really nice guy John but… we are FRIENDS. I don’t want to destroy or risk our friendship”.
  • Now John is sad and feels lonely AND he realizes that he is STUCK without ANY other options. He has a TON of female friends but what he DOESN’T have is any dates and he also isn’t getting any sex or female companionship.

Which do you think John is much more eager to have? Female friends or DATES and SEX?

But Why Can’t I Improve With Women AND Have Female Friends?

Because by you having female friends it causes you to always think and believe that you actually have a shot with them. Most men who have any female friends ALWAYS think that they are “getting somewhere” with those women when in reality those men aren’t getting ANYWHERE except becoming more worser and worse with women.

Here’s the reasons why having female friends is absolute bad:

  • It prevents you from approaching other women because…well… “What’s the point…you could talk to Megan tonight and “hope” to get “lucky”.
  • You never actually learn how to talk to women in a sexual way that turns them on and gets them aroused
  • You mistake and confuse reactions for results (e.g A girl is laughing at your jokes so therefore you (incorrectly) assume that she likes you and is attracted to you)
  • It causes you to have fear of moving fast with girls and scaring them off (and if you happen to scare Megan off then what other girl is out there for you to talk to)
  • It causes you to have friendships based on dishonesty and deceit (e.g your REAL goal is NOT to be Michelle’s friend but to actually sleep with her)

What all of this means is that if you thought that becoming a woman’s friend and supplicating to all of her needs and wishes was your ticket to getting her into bed, you’ve been going about it ALL WRONG.

What Is The True Purpose Of Your Friendship With That Girl?

When you become a woman’s friend, what exactly are you hoping to accomplish and what exactly can she help you do?

Really ask yourself this question honestly…

  • Will having her as a friend help you make more money?
  • Will having her as a friend help you accomplish your business and career goals?
  • Can she teach you ANYTHING at all about how to become a more better and successful man?

What purpose do women really serve as your friend?


If you get right down to the true purpose that men have for women, it is for sex and reproduction.

The reason most men become friends with a woman is to try and get sex. Well…if your goal is to have sex with a LOT of women, having female friends isn’t going to help you…but there is something else that WILL…

Stop Having Female Friends and Begin To Get Girlfriends

The key to improving with women is to STOP having female friends and begin getting lot’s and lot’s of girlfriends.

What do I exactly mean?

Begin to meet, attract, and befriend girls ONLY to sleep with them. What this means is that you will approach, talk to and connect with, and befriend these women with the sole purpose of sleeping with them. Another term that people call this is “fuck buddies” or “friends with benefits”.

This is completely different from a typical male-female friendship. This friendship already involves both parties KNOWING exactly what the purpose of the friendship is for (hint: to have sex). There is absolutely no manipulation. There is no hurt feelings. There is no hidden motives by either party.

When you begin treating women as friends who you simply have sex with and NOT as friends who you hang out with and go shopping with, something very magical happens…

You become a much more sexual man with a very sexual vibe who women are simply drawn to. Women will be able to smell your sexual appeal from a mile away. You will begin to carry yourself in a much more masculine and powerful manner. And what’s more is…

You ONLY become friends with women who you have sex with. As long as you and a woman are HAVING SEX, then you’ll both remain friends. The moment that you guys STOP having sex, the friendship is over and you can become friends with ANOTHER woman (who you begin having sex with).

Doing this forces you to improve your dating and sexual skills while simultaneously maintaining open relationships with many DIFFERENT female friends. Both parties are happy.

So stop having female friends in the typical sense and begin making friends with a bunch of women who you simply sleep with.

– Malcolm Thomas

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