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Why You Should Never Get a Job or Go to College

yyyhDisclaimer: This post is going to upset a lot of people and make a lot of people angry. This post is going to force people to rethink some of the false societal programming and lies that they have been fed and told in the past. But… if read, understand, and fully grasp what I am about to tell you, this post has the potential to change your life… FOREVER.


This post isnt specifically about women or dating. This post isnt about lifting weights and getting into shape. This post is all about YOUR future. And I will say it again, if you read and truly understand this article, your life WILL change… guaranteed. 

In terms of importance, this is THE most important article that I have ever written (or will ever write) for this site. Read it, understand it, grasp it, and set yourself up for a much better and more brighter future. A better financial life, a better personal life, and a more better overall life in general.

A little background about myself: I NEVER went to college and I have only worked ONE job my entire life. Growing up I was never the smartest kid in school, I never made my high school honorable, and I was NOT invited into any prestigous colleges or universities.

Now… despite all of this, I make more money than the average doctor and lawyer COMBINED.

I say this NOT to brag or showboat but to show you that you dont need to be smart or have a lot of talent to make a lot of money.

You dont need to go to college or work a regular job in order to become wealthy and filthy rich.

And it does not have to take you 30 – 40 years in order to build your fortune and become financially independent.

So what does it take to truly become successful and make a healthy living?

Thats what this article is for… to show you why you should never get a job or go to college and to reveal the reasons for why getting a job and going to college is the absolute WORST thing that you can ever possibly do if you hope to ever become rich and successful.

In this article all of the myths and misconceptions about getting a job, going to college, and becoming financially successful will be busted and then I will show you how to use the information that I have given you to turn your life around, become something better, and accomplish great things.

Why You Should Never Go to College (if Your Goal is to Become Rich)

Most young people and generations are brought up and raised to believed that if you want to become successful and make a lot of money, then you need to go to college.

The old saying goes “Go to college, get a job, and hope to retire by the age of 65”

So everyday millions of young people enroll into colleges falsely believing this lie. Falsely believing that going to college ensures them long-term financial success. Falsely believing that wasting 4 – 7 years of their lives and getting into a HUGE amount of financial debt is a good idea.

Well… these young people are being fed nothing but LIES by the government and their teachers who are only hoping to stuff their pockets with MORE money because these young people are simply too nieve to realize the truth.

That simple truth is this: Going to college gives you a 90% chance of living a boring mediocre life and spending the next 40 – 50 years of your life working a boring 9 – 5 job.

For the record I am NOT against a person finishing their high school education and getting their high school diploma, and as a matter of fact you definitely SHOULD finish high school. There is no ands, ifs, or buts about that…

But college? Should a person go to college if they want to truly become successful in life?

My answer: No, a person shouldn’t go to college if they dream of ever becoming successful and wealthy. As a matter of fact, if your goal is to become rich and start your own business, going to college is one of the absolute WORST things that you can possibly do.

How come?

Because going to college forces you to get into a huge amount of debt, you end up wasting 4+ years of your life and youth that you can NEVER get back, and you really don’t learn anything life changing at all.

What ends up happening is that you waste a whole lot of time meandering through life and not accomplishing anything of much significance. And on top of that you end up with a bunch of student loans that you are FORCED to pay back and that you will NEVER be able to.

Going to college is a fast ticket to living a life of poverty and failure. Now you wont hear about any of this in the media but thats only because it is their JOB to try and convince you to pay them money (that you do not have) to teach you things that you can teach yourself for FREE.

But the buck doesnt just stop there… there are even MORE valid reasons why going to college is a bad thing to do and could mean the difference between becoming financially wealthy and independent and spending the rest of your adult life paying back a bunch of student loans that you cant even afford to pay back.

More Reasons Why Going to College is a Waste of Time and is the Worst Thing That You Can Possibly Do…

Going to College Does NOT =/= Getting a Job

Now, although I am against ANYONE ever getting a job in the first place, most people go to college with the intentions that this will ensure that they get a good job after they finish college.

Well this belief is wrong and as a matter of fact according to the statistics 44% of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed which means that they are forced to take jobs which do not even require a degree.

And truthfully nowadays employers value a person who has actual years of on the job experience over a person who simply has a piece of paper with their name on it.

If you were an employer who would YOU choose?

The college bloke who just graduated but has NEVER worked a real job in his entire life or a man who has 4 years of experience, has a good work history, and has good work ethic?

The answer is obvious. Getting a piece of paper does NOT equate to getting a good job in the real world.

Everyone Else Is Doing It

Every boy and his dog is going to college. So why should YOU? Because your parents told you to? Because thats what the media says thats what you ought to do?

Heres the truth about success: The people who are successful in life do NOT follow the crowd or listen to conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is exactly why most people are in a HUGE amount of debt, work dead in jobs, and do not have 2 pennies to rub together. Conventional wisdom is exactly why most of your friends and family members are working boring soul draining job.

If you want to be successful at ANYTHING in life then do not ever listen to conventional wisdom because doing so will only ever lead you straight to failure.

Lets tackle the next myth on our list…

People Who Go to College Dont Really Learn How to Learn

The people who go to college dont actually learn how to REALLY learn.

How does a person really learn about anything?

Lots of research, testing, actual doing, brainstorming, and thinking.

In college, the kids dont really have to think for themselves. They dont have to really test the things that they learn and put it into action. They dont really have to do ANY sort of actual mental work.

How come?

Because the teachers show and teach them everything that they need to learn. The teachers hold their hands and tell them what subjects to prepare for. The books have all of the informatuon that they actually need.

NO research is required. They dont have to actually think because the books and the teachers think for them.

Its a fact: you will learn more about life and how to succeed in the real world by starting your own business or (god forbid) getting a real job than you will ever learn in college.

Going to college FORCES you to become a robot and just follow orders, which is great if your goal is to spend the next 40 years being an employee and working 50 hours every week… but is BAD if your goal is to live well, get rich, and become financially independent.

Going to college is a complete waste of time and will NOT set you up for success in the future. Do NOT ever go to college.

There is also one MORE reason why a person who is reasonably intelligent should never ever go to college…

Going to College Doesnt Teach You How to Think (for Yourself)

The average person who ends up going to college looks like a living zombie. And what do zombies not know how to do?

They cant think for themselves. People who go to college are the same exact way.

In order to become successful in life, you have to be able to think for yourself. You have to become an abstract thinker. You have to be able to take basic concepts and use them to make money for yourself.

I cannot repeat it enough: Going to college is a big joke, it is the worlds greatest scam, and only guarantees you ONE thing: debt. a lifetime full of debt.

Going to college doesnt guarantee money, there is a much better way…. But first….

Why You Should NEVER Get a Job

Going to college is bad and should be avoided at ALL costs. But getting a job is just as bad if not worse.

“Say what, dont I need a job in order to make money and prepare for retirement?”

No you actually dont need to get a job in order to make money and as a matter of fact in reality getting a job does just the exact opposite.

You can NEVER get rich working for someone else or working a regular 9 – 5 job. And UNLESS you want to wait until you are 65 years or older in order to get rich then getting a job just to retire isnt a very good idea either.

Heres the biggest problem about getting a job: It forces you to trade your time for money.

When you get a job you are trading your time for money. And time is your most valuable asset that you have. Once time passes in your life, you can NEVER get it back.

Not only does getting a job force you to trade your time for money, but it ALSO puts a ceiling on how much money you can make in a given year.

Two examples:

If a guy is on paid salary to make $75,000 then the MOST money that he can ever make within ONE given year is $75,000 no matter how hard that he works, no matter how much overtime that he puts in at the job, no matter how much sacrifice that he makes for his corporation.

If a guy gets paid hourly, then the MOST money that he can ever make is the limited 24 hours that he has available within a given day. In this context, time is not working for him but rather against him.

In other words, when you get a job you voluntarily limit your potential as well as your financial future. If a person is smart and has just the basic level of thinking skills then they should NEVER get a job. It is the absolute worst thing that you can ever possibly do.

“But getting a job is more safer and secure”

Oh really, which guy sounds more safer and secure: The guy who works for a corporation and can be fired at will for ANY reason OR… the guy who has his own successful internet company, answers to no one, and makes his own money?

Which guy is more at risk of losing everything: The guy who works a regular 9 – 5 job and has a boss who can say two words and he loses everything OR… the guy who has 3 successful online websites EACH bringing in $3,000 per month?

The simple fact remains that working at a regular job is the most UNSAFE and UNSTABLE way to make a living. If your boss decides to fire you then you WILL lose EVERYTHING.

Getting a Job forces you to rely on “hope” instead of self-reliance

I hope my boss gives me a raise. I hope my boss doesnt fire me today. I hope my 401 benefits dont get slashed.

I hope, hope, hope…

The thing about people who work regular 9 – 5 jobs is that all they do is hope, hope, hope for the things in their life to get better.

They dont simply make things happen like winners do, they just “hope” for things to get better and turn out “okay”.

The truth is that when you dont control your financial plan then you are NOT in control of your life.

“Hope” is NOT a plan, it is only a fast ticket to a mediocre life full of poverty and struggle. 

Getting a job is the most horrible thing that you can ever possibly do. Why should you ONLY be allowed to make money when you work?

Why cant you STILL be able to make money while you are sleeping, or away on vacation spending time with your family and loved one?

Winners (people who are successful) get paid EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter WHAT they do, losers work a regular 9 – 5 job and “hope” for things to get better.

A winner doesnt trade his time for money because his time is very valuable. If you want to be a winner then you have to STOP giving away your most valuable asset and commodity which is time. Working more or harder isnt the answer. Working smarter and better is.

But if getting a job and going to college is a very bad and terrible idea, what should you do instead?

How to Get Rich: Start Your Own Business

The key to getting rich, becoming financially successful, and having absolute financial abundance is to start your own business. There simply is NO other way.

In todays society ANYBODY with a brain and some work ethic can start their own successful business and make their own money if they REALLY want to.

Losers go to college, get a job, and falsely believe that this is the ticket to success. Winners read and learn and focus on becoming more smarter and intelligent… and then they start their own business and make themselves rich.

You can NEVER get rich working for someone else. But you certainly CAN get rich (and sometimes very quickly) working for yourself.

Why work hard everyday just to make someone else rich when you can start your own business, work for yourself, and make yourself rich.

What are the benefits to starting your own business?

  • Freedom
  • Wealth
  • Long Term Happiness
  • No regrets
  • The ability to retire young and not old
  • Financial security and stability
  • The feeling of accomplishment, achievement, and self-reliance

I could go on forever listing the benefits for why a person should start their own business and NOT work for somebody else.

Starting and running your own business will teach you more about life, more about people, more about success than ANYTHING else in life… guaranteed.

Not only will starting your own business teach you a LOT about life, starting your own business will ALSO help you become insanely wealthy.

Have you ever seen a rich man who worked at McDonalds? How about a rich man who swept floors and picked up garbage?

I havent. But I HAVE seen a rich man who started and ran his own business.

Is it your goal to retire young and make a lot of money? Then start your own business.

Is it your goal to travel the world and become location independent? Then start your own business. 

Do you want to spend the rest of your life doing something you LOVE instead of doing something you HATE? Then start your own business.

Losers work for other people and take orders. Winners start their own business, hire people to work for them, and dish out orders.

There are a couple more reasons why you should start your own business:

When you start and build your own successful business you have an asset that can ALWAYS be sold for a much higher price if you so choose.

When you have a very successful business, you can make money while you sleep (passive income).

You can go on vacations with your family and loved ones whenever and wherever you want.

You can do the work ONCE and get paid for it over and over and over again.

Running and starting your own successful business gives you true FREEDOM to do whatever you want to do (within the confines of the law of course!)

“So what type of business should I start?”

Good question. In my opinion the best type of business that you can start is an internet business. The internet and online truly is the future and the people who recognize this fact and get on board will reap the rewards (financially speaking).

What are the benefits of starting your own internet/online business?

  • The ability to work wherever and whenever you want.
  • The ability to scale your online business very quickly (and get rich quick).
  • The cost of entry for starting your own website is extremely low (all you need is $9 to purchase a domain name and $5 per month for hosting).

In my opinion the best internet business that you can start TODAY in the 21st century is a blog. This very website is an example of a blog that I started that pays me MASSIVE BUCKS each day like clockwork. 

This website makes me money EVERY SINGLE DAY whether I am sleeping, awake, or out playing video games. And this site makes me a GOOD amount of money each month, much more than I ever used to make working a boring 9 -5 job. 

If you feel like you’ve got something to say then you NEED to start your own blog (well build it for you) and get to saying it. The world needs more killer content.

How to start a blog that pays

Women Attracted will set-up your blog for free for those who don’t know how or don’t want to. Doesn’t matter if you’re a tech guy or not, it’ll be taken care of for you for free and it isn’t outsourced to India or the Philippines.

My right hand admin does it all and does it with perfection. We take care to do it right. We also go above and beyond and set up the must use plugins and give you four extra reports about how to make money blogging. If you want to start a blog it’s a no-brainer.

If your mission is to make money online then there is no better time than right now.

Of course ANY business that you choose to start takes some time and effort but look at it this way… Youre already working hard everyday just to make someone else rich, why not work for yourself in order to make yourself rich?

Ignore the Haters and Doubters (and Yes, This Sometimes Will Include Your Very Own Family and Friends)

Once you choose to make the decision to become a go-getter, a winner, and start your own business, you will receive a lot of push-back and flack from some of your family and friends.

How come?

Because they have been brainwashed and fed into the lies. The false lies that getting a job, going to college, and working for somebody else is the key to success.

It is not your job to convince them or try to win them over. All of your attempts will be futile. They will doubt you, they will call you stupid, they will call you crazy.

Disregard all of it and do not take ANY of it personal. They do not understand the traits and the secrets of the successful. They only follow conventional advice that is designed to make you fail.

Dont tell ANYONE about your plans. If they are not successful in the endeavor that you are pursuing and trying to be successful in then do NOT take any of their advice. Again, it is meant to make you fail. It WILL make you fail. Dont take business advice from your broke high school buddy because you will fail if you take his advice.

Why is this?

Because his advice comes ONLY from theory, speculation, and other broke people who are working soul draining 9 – 5s. Yes, you can go drinking with him, you can hang out with him to go pick up girls together, but you CANNOT ever under ANY circumstances take any business or career advice from him.

Ignore the naysayers, the critics, and the doubters. Their advice is intended to make you fail. Only rely on yourself and other men who are already successful in the area that you are seeking success in.

Start a Business That Helps People and Offers Lots of Value

If you want to start your own business and ensure that it becomes successful, then you must start a business that genuinely HELPS people and offers lots of value. There must be a mutual beneficial relationship.

Take this very website as an example: I give millions of men all around the world FREE advice about women, dating, relationships, fitness, success, and making money… and in return the people who benefit from my FREE information purchase my books sometimes as their way of saying thanks…

…OR sometimes because they rationalize to themselves that “If his FREE information and advice is THIS good then I cant even imagine how amazing his paid content and products MUST be”.

Its a mutual beneficial relationship. They get FREE advice that has the potential to change their life and I make money from the people who choose to purchase my paid products. Its truly a win win situation. 

THIS is how you start and run a successful business.

You focus on HELPING people and they in return will help YOU. 

You focus on giving instead of taking. 

You give people solutions to their biggest problems and sticking points and they will reward you with their ears, their money, and most importantly their trust.

I am highly convinced that everybody wants to work. They just want to do fulfilling work that they are very passionate about.

Will starting your own business be challenging? Yes

Will starting your own business sometimes be a struggle? Yes

Will you sometimes want to just give up and simply QUIT? Yes

Starting and running a successful business is NOT easy but it IS simple. Focus on solving people’s problems, focus on overcoming obstacles, and NEVER give up.

If you can do those 3 things then you WILL be successful, you will get rich, and you WILL live a much happier life.

Why You Should Never Get a Job or Go to College

There are some men who will read this article and their limiting beliefs will hold them back from achieving, their self-doubts will stop them from accomplishing great things, and they will spend the next 40 – 50 years of their lives working a soul draining  9 – 5 job because they didnt believe that it was possible.

Then there will be SOME men who will read this article and they will believe that it IS possible to leave the rat race and become something better. It IS possible to start your own business and spend the rest of your life doing something that you love and are very passionate about.

They will look around them and see that there are MANY men and women just like myself who are living out their dreams, traveling the world, and having fun. and these men will go on to QUIT their day jobs, DOUBLE their income within the next year, and spend the rest of their lives doing something that they are PROUD of.

Which group you belong to is up to YOU to decide. I can only lead you to water but I cannot force you to drink it.

I am telling you that you CAN live a better life than the one you are currently living. I am telling you that you ARE capable of setting goals and following through on them. I am telling you that it IS possible to quit your job, get rich quick, and retire young.

Ive done it, many people around you have done it, and millions of people do it every single day. The only thing that can hold you back is YOU.

Ignore the haters, ignore the doubters, ignore your thoughts of wanting to quit and give up, and ONLY focus on achieving, on conquering, on living your dream life, on retiring young and not old, on having financial freedom and abundance, on working smart and not hard.

Focus on nothing but success and the positives and ignore and disregard the negatives. 

– Malcolm Thomas

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