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Why You Should Never Apologize to a Woman

apoloShould you ever apologize to a woman for being honest, straight forward, and direct?

Should you ever apologize to a woman for being open, REAL, and telling the brutal truth?

The answer is “No” if you want to keep her attracted to you and gain her respect.

The problem (and big mistake) that most guys make when talking to women is that they will say something to a woman that they really mean to say, but she will negatively receive and react to the compliment.

For example, I guy will say to a girl:

“Wow, you really extremely sexy in that short mini skirt. I would just love to lift up that pretty short skirt, and rub my cock right up against your pussy.”

The girl (because she is not used to men talking to her in such an honest and provocative manner) will act offended and shocked.

And this is where most men will end up messing up. Based on the woman’s reaction, he will apologize for what he said, say sorry, and take back the compliment.

The woman ends up losing respect for the man because in her mind: He is not a man who stands up for what he believes in, he has no confidence or backbone, and he is afraid of receiving negative harsh criticism from women.

So because this man has apologized to this woman, she ends up leaving the interaction feeling highly annoyed, disgusted, and MAD.

And he leaves the interaction with this woman feeling highly depressed and bitter.

What led to all of this happening?

The man apologizing to a woman.

The man feeling forced like he had to explain his social behavior and mannerisms. The man feeling like he had to behave how he thought women wanted him to behave and act.

And this sort of thinking leads to men failing with women a whole bunch of the time.

Why You Must NEVER Apologize to a Woman

I don’t apologize to women. Ever.

If I say something to a woman, I always mean it and I will stand by whatever I say.

Once I say something bold to a woman, I make sure to OWN it.

If I boldly approach a girl and I tell her “that I would like the both of us to spend an evening together alone at my house”, I CONFIDENTLY say it and most importantly, I stand by whatever I say.

Whatever words come out of my mouth, I OWN it.

I do not apologize to women. I do not try to please women. I do not behave or act how women WANT me to act or behave.

I am extremely unapologetic. I own the words that comes out of my mouth. I am honest, direct, and REAL. And I do not ever buy into a woman’s frame.

And women are extremely attracted to men who act and behave this way. Women want men to possess this sort of trait. This is the kind of thing that women want in a man.

Women become immensely ATTRACTED to guys who are able to be bold, upfront, and straight forward with their desires and intentions.

Women are deeply attracted to men who do not try to beat around the bush, sneak their way into a girl’s pants, or buy into a woman’s frame.


Because 99% of the men walking this earth are not capable of doing this.

You want to know what most men are afraid of the most?

You want to know the #1 thing that causes men to suffer from approach anxiety?

The fear of a woman’s potential reaction.

The fear of receiving negative harsh criticism from women.

The fear of a girl getting mad at them for something they have said.

The fear of hurting a girl’s feelings and them not acting in a manner that women expect men to act.

That is the biggest cause of approach anxiety. The fear of what a woman will potentially say.

And do you want to know why apologizing to a girl is so BAD?

Because when you apologize to a woman, you inadvertently are giving into her frame.

In other words, when you apologize to a woman, it establishes the dynamic that she is the more dominant one in the relationship and not YOU (which is not attractive).

When you apologize to a woman, it shows women that you are weak (which again, is not attractive).

And when you apologize to a woman, it causes girls to react more negatively to what you have said or done (because by you apologizing to a woman, she will backwards rationalize to herself that would you said to her really WAS bad and wrong).

And this is why you must NEVER apologize to a woman.

When and IF you say something to a girl, OWN it.

IF you truly believe that you will have to apologize to a woman for something you have said, then you are really better off, NOT saying it.

But if you actually DO say something to a girl that could be construed as bold, ballsy, and honest, then make sure that you OWN it.

Say it confidently. Say it with conviction. Truly believe anything that you say.

Never give in to a girl’s frame. Never try to behave how a girl expects you to act or behave. Never be overly nice, kind, or friendly to women.

Be a man who is REAL, honest, direct and straight forward.

Be a man who is not afraid to express his thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.

NEVER apologize to a woman.

– Malcolm Thomas

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