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Why You Should Lift Weights and Build Muscle

sexy girlEver seen a muscular guy walk into a room?

Usually every guy will stare at him with jealousy and hatred while every woman will wet her panties.

Now have you ever seen a muscular guy at a social gathering, a party, or some sort of meeting at work?

Usually when he speaks all of the attention is diverted to him and everyone respects his opinion. Muscular guys not only wet panties but also command respect.

When you take up so much room people can’t help but notice your presence. Big shoulders that bulge out and make it seem like you have shoulder pads under your sleeves, massive and vascular arms which look like pythons with striations; all of this makes you an immovable presence. All eyes will instantly gravitate towards you when your chest makes your shirt seem much tighter.

Muscle not only gets a lot of attention from the ladies but also keeps your hormones in balance. Your testosterone will rise once you start working out, your sex drive will sky rocket, and you just may even be able to grow a full beard instead of a patchy and wispy one. Most men of today have lower testosterone compared to our grandfathers and their fathers at our age.

“The interesting thing we discovered was that, on average, when we measured the testosterone in the blood of a 60-year-old in 1989 it was higher than that in a different 60-year-old measured in 1995,” said Thomas Travison, PhD, of the New England Research Institutes, Watertown, Mass. “We observed the same phenomenon over a wide range of ages.” (“Generational Decline in Testosterone Levels Observed.” Healio. N.p., Feb. 2007. Web. 1 June 2014.)

So this may mean that your grandfather probably has higher testosterone than you do at the moment. That’s probably why the older generation never had as many problems with girls as this current generation does.

Lifting weights does increase testosterone levels but there are some movements that do it better than others. Squats and deadlift are usually at competition with each other about which one increases your testosterone more. These are not the only movements known to increase testosterone. Bench press, military press, and clean and jerk all help increase testosterone which makes you irresistible to women.

Deadlifts are probably one of the manliest movements and also one of the few compound movements that work almost every single muscle in the body. I mean what’s more manlier than ripping 500lbs off the ground while every vein in your neck is bulging and everyone is staring at the incredible amount of weight being lifted off the ground; almost makes the person lifting the weight seem supernatural.

The reason why squats make your testosterone sky rocket is because you are using one of the biggest muscle groups in your body to push an amount of weight that is your bodyweight or more. Some men may shy away from squats because they don’t want big legs and a nice pair of glutes, but those things attract women like bees to flowers; big legs indicate mobility and athleticism. In the Stone Age where men were judged on their physical fitness, a big chest was important along with a pair of powerful legs with shapely quads and hamstring separations. Stronger legs will allow you to do better at many sports just because of the available strength in your legs.

When I say you should go to the gym I don’t mean run on the treadmill until you are done sweating buckets. If you do that you will look like the picture on the left; on top of that you won’t even get the shredded look you are trying to achieve. You will still have some body fat left over on top of your abdominal muscles.













There is nothing wrong with looking like the guy on the left. Actually yes there is something extremely wrong with him. He looks like a starving child from Africa and in reality he is exactly what he looks like. Marathon runners starve themselves to get rid of muscle tissue so they can use fewer calories. The guy on the right is a fitness model and I can guarantee you he eats way more than the average person. He can burn more calories by sitting around than u do by running. So you get to look good and eat a hell of a lot of food. I would pick the physique on the right without hesitation.

Cardio is a beneficial if used correctly in your fitness routine. I only do cardio 3 times a week at max and if I do anymore my body starts to get weaker and I start to look smaller. I don’t lose the fat that is covering my muscles but instead my body eats away at the muscles I worked so hard to earn. Slow paced cardio is hard on your knee and ankle joints and also eats away at the muscle while fast paced HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) doesn’t put stress on your joints and also makes fat loss much more efficient.

Let me tell you guys a story: One day I was at the gym and this really hot girl (somewhere around a 9/10) walked in and started doing shoulder presses. This huge guy who had traps to his ears came in and started doing cable flies a few meters from her. The girl got up and left her workout just to go talk to him. It was amazing. He didn’t do anything special yet her panties were getting drenched. I was surprised. I mean guys would usually have to worship the ground she walks on just to get some attention from her.

Don’t just go to the gym and start destroying your body without actually having any knowledge about building muscle. Go to the gym with a plan/routine in mind.

Going 5-6 days will get you noticeable muscle gains if you have a good diet. Stick with a lot of meat, eggs, milk, brown rice oats, veggies, and fruits and you will get some decent results in the start. Have fun at the gym.

– Flamingace

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