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Why You Should Imagine Women Without Makeup On (and Boost Your Confidence)

goldenFor my entire high school and University years, there was ONE thing that kept me nervous around women and I always used to ask myself, “how come I can talk fine with average looking women but get so nervous around beautiful women?”

The turning point in this mystery occurred when I saw a very good friend of mine without makeup.

I have one friend that I have known since high school and she is outrageously attractive according to society’s standards.

I got friend zoned by her a long time ago back when we went to high school together simply because I never made any moves to show my attraction towards her.

I never complimented her nor initiated any physical contact, and so this put me in the friend zone, which was my fault and own doing.

However, I am still friends with her after all these years because she’s cool and down to earth.

I always used to see her dolled up and with makeup on. However, one day I saw her without makeup on, and she looked totally different.

If you might not know, some women look really tired or look pale when they don’t have makeup on, and it surprised me when I saw her without makeup on that one day.

I then realized, makeup is one of the main reasons why I got so nervous around women.

I used to get nervous because women had makeup on and so they looked beautiful, and that made me anxious because I believed that I had only ONE chance to impress them and that they would leave me for another guy if I made the wrong moves (scarcity mindset).

I believed that beautiful women (I.e. women with makeup on) were a rare commodity and so all the pressure was on ME to impress them because there were a hundred other guys trying to impress her.

I learned that women who wear makeup are just as normal as every other girl, attractive or not. Therefore, there should be no reason to get nervous around beautiful women anymore.

I think that when guys see a woman who is all dolled up, they automatically get all nervous and anxious for whatever reason.

One reason could be because of the whole scarcity principle in which guys believe that there is a rare amount of beautiful women and so they put too much pressure on themselves to please the woman. This makes them appear clingy and needy.

Moral of the story, beautiful women are just as normal as “average women”.

Why do you think that some beautiful women are so pleasing to talk to and so friendly?

It could be because they are insecure about their own looks because they know that makeup makes them look much more attractive than they really are. Think about it.

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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