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Why You Should Be Picky

kkkkAre you one of those guys who dream about seducing every woman on this planet?

Are you one of the guys who are into the idea to take another woman home every single night?

In case you dream about leading every girl you meet straight into your bedroom, you should rethink this idea.

I know that it sounds very tempting to have sex with every girl who is ready to spread her legs for you but in some cases this can be way worse than it sounds. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Believe it or not, but it can have quite a few negative consequences when you decide to date and to have sex with every girl that is available. Spending your time with a hot girl sounds good but would it also sound good if you would know that this girl has the power to make your life completely miserable?

Not Every Girl is as it Seems

Sometimes nothing is as it seems. You probably know the typical stereotype when it comes to women and their way of dressing. When you ask a lot of men who they would regard as good girls and who they would regard as bad girls, the majority of men has a clear picture in mind of how those two different types of girls look like.

The good girl has glasses, doesn’t reveal any of her cleavage and would never cheat on her boyfriend. The bad girl wears a mini skirt, a lot of makeup and loves to spend the nights in clubs. Of course the bad girl would cheat on her boyfriend without batting an eye.

From my own experience I can tell you that this image that you have in your mind can be completely false. If you are looking for a good girl who doesn’t cheat on you, you should get to know her and find out about her personality.

Don’t make the same mistake that so many men make and think that a girl has to be innocent, just because she looks innocent. This is so wrong. There are girls out there who look like Mother Theresa and who had more dicks in their mouth than every professional pornstar.

On the other hand, there are girls who look like prostitutes, who only sleep with a guy when they know him for at least three months. Don’t just take every girl when you have the goal to end up in a relationship.

Not Every Girl is Right for You

Besides making the mistake that men choose girls as their future girlfriends who are anything but girlfriend potential, some men make the mistake that they decide to end up in relationships with girls that are anything but good for them.

Even though those women might be relationship material and have the potential to make another man very happy, they are just not the right girl for you. The biggest problem that guys have in this case is that they always go for the hottest girls without even think about whether or not they have the same interests and values as they have.

Don’t get me wrong. Sex with a hot girl is an amazing experience and has definitely the potential to make you happy…at least for a little while.

However, in every relationship the point will come where you will want to do stuff outside of the bedroom. In case you are a sports enthusiast who loves the nature you won’t get happy with a girl who doesn’t move her ass out of the couch and who gets a heart attack as soon as she sees a little bug.

– Sebastian Harris

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