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Why You Should Always Write Down Your Goals

tigerHave you ever noticed that when you write down a goal or a to-do list down on paper, you feel obligated to achieve it?

Some people have goals but never get the chance to write them down on paper.

I personally think that writing your goals down on paper is MUCH stronger than just thinking about your goals in your mind.

For me, I write ALL my goals down on paper and then I cross them out as soon as I achieve it.

My goals are usually small but I also have my BIGGEST goals written down, waiting for the day to finally cross them out!

I also write a to-do list for things such as watching an online lecture, buying food, exercising, and anything else you want to accomplish.

I write down even the smallest tasks and goals because it keeps me on track.

The point here is that whenever you write something down on paper and you start to look at it daily, your mind starts to focus on achieving this goal.

What usually happens next is that your mind starts to find ways in order to achieve the goals you have written down.

Having goals and taking action towards achieving these goals brings you one step closer to success.

For example, you can write down a goal such as going to the gym two times a week. Once you do go to the gym two times a week, then you can cross it out until next week. Next week you would repeat the process by going to the gym twice a week and crossing it out, and so forth.

Achieving these small goals consistently will lead to achieving success in the long term.

I do this all the time, each week I write down a couple of short-term, realistic goals for me to do and I try my BEST to complete them so I can cross them out after. I also have long-term goals that I haven’t crossed out for months because I know it will take some time!

Here is a small exercise to do with writing out your goals:

1.     Every week, write down realistic goals that you can achieve within that week

2.     Take action and try to complete these goals

3.     Once you complete a goal, cross it out. It feels good crossing out a goal because you’re accomplishing something!

4.     Once you cross out all your goals, create NEW goals! Repeat!

– Perry Keith

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