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Why You MUST Be Selfish to Attract Women

selfishThe fastest way to improve your success with women, get a girlfriend, and have sex more frequently is learn how to be selfish.

Being a man who is selfish is an absolute MUST if you plan to attract girls into your life.

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend and he confessed to me saying “Women are simply too difficult to understand. I don’t know what they want”.

I replied back to him saying “I don’t care what women want. All I care about is what I want”.

I continued by saying “What women want is completely irrelevant to me, all that matters to me is what I want”.

Is that a nice thing to say? Perhaps not

Is that what women (and even other men) like to hear? Probably not

Is that a completely selfish thing to say? Guilty as charged

Let me tell you a little secret: Men who are selfish attract the MOST women by FAR.

Is being sensitive and caring the morally correct thing to do? Absolutely

Is doting on women and helping them out with things the nice way to act? You got me beat there too.

But if you are a man who is hoping to achieve greater success with women…

If you are a man who is hoping to turn more women you meet into more women you sleep with…

If you’re a guy who wants to attract LOTS of women while STILL being true to yourself…

Then learning how to be selfish is the most important thing that you can do.

Why is Being Selfish Such a GOOD Thing?

Men who are selfish are honest… which makes them GOOD.

The other types of men:

  • The men who befriend girls only with the hopes of sleeping with them and getting into their pants
  • The men who wine and dine women hoping to somehow get some action at the end
  • The men who help women out with the “hopes” of those girls paying them back…

THOSE men are BAD.

And the reason why is because the first group of men: the men who are honest and selfish…

They are being upfront and honest about their intentions. They are being straightforward and refusing to beat around the bush. All of these traits makes them GOOD.

The second group of men really deep down have a hidden agenda: They are trying to get something from women (sex) without being REAL and straightforward about it.

In essence, they are really LYING to women, they are deceiving women.

In truth, they are being very BAD and mean to women.

Selfish men are simply good, real, and honest people who are trying to get what they want out of life while STILL being upfront and honest about it.

Why You NEED to Start Being Selfish With Women

As I said at the beginning of this article… what women want is totally irrelevant to me. All that I actually care about is what I want.

Women want a man who will pay for their dates and buy them expensive gifts and presents.

Women want a nice guy who they can friend zone and make carry their shopping bags.

Women want men to think they are good girls when really they are all sluts with an inner naughty side to them.

Women want a LOT of things and if you give all of these things to them, they will NOT sleep with you or date you.

Me… I don’t buy girls any expensive presents and I certainly never pay for dates.

And I sleep with a LOT more women than the “average guy” does.

In other words, I AM selfish. I don’t give girls what they want, but they give me what I want.

Right now you may be wondering and asking yourself how such a scenario is even possible?

The REAL Reason Why Women Love Men Who Are Selfish

Let me ask you a question: Who do you find more intriguing?

A man who does everything that you ask him to do and is always around to lend you a helping hand?


A man who does whatever he wants, has no boss to answer to, does not deal with any drama from women, and in the end always get what he wants?

The 2nd man for sure and it isn’t even close. Most people would be more interested in learning more things about this fella, to get inside his head, learn some of his tricks and techniques, etc.

Women feel the exact same way. Women don’t want to date a man who is going to be overly nice, agree with everything that they say, and always be available to help out.

Women want to date and have sex with a man who is scarce, who has an abundance mentality and lot’s of choice, a man who is selfish and does whatever he wants.

And that’s the REAL reason why all women lust after men who are selfish.

It isn’t because these men are mean and uncaring…

It’s because the men who are selfish refuse to put women on a pedestal, they refuse to chase women, and they do whatever is necessary to get what they want instead of what she wants.

– Malcolm Thomas

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