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Why Women Test Men

tesesA question that many guys wonder is why do women test men?

Why do women give men so many different shit tests?

What is really the whole point of all this?

If a girl likes a guy and a guy likes a girl, why can they not just have sex and keep everything simple?

Well… there is a very important reason for why women test men during both the initial meeting and attraction phase of an interaction and also during the relationship.

And in this post I will explain to you why.

Why Women Test Men

The reason why women test men is to make sure that men really are who they say they are.

Women test men to confirm that men really are the same way that they present themselves to be.

Women test men in order to see a man’s reaction and observe certain aspects of his behavior.

But let me back up for a second and actually define the word test and how it relates to picking up women.

A test is where a woman challenges or questions a man on his behavior. She may give you a snappy comment questioning whether you’re a player; or she may ask you to do something to ‘prove’ yourself to her.

And by the way, most of the time, none of this is done deliberately. In other words, women do not go around actively looking to test men who approach them.

It is something that they just do naturally. It is something that they do subconsciously. Testing men is something that women just instinctively do.

And really, can you blame them?

If you happened to be an attractive woman and some random guy approached you and appeared to be very confident and normal, wouldn’t YOU want to quickly determine whether or not this guy was for real?

Wouldnt you want to determine whether or not this guy was just faking confidence instead of actually being confident?

Of course you would. And this is the same reason why women test men.

Women test men to see which men will falter and not live up to his fake persona.

Women test men to see how comfortable you really are talking to women.

Women test men to find out which men will quit at the first sign of difficulty and which men will persist.

Women test men because that is simply what women do.

How to Pass a Woman’s Shit-Test

So you now know exactly why women choose to test men, but now you are probably asking yourself another question…

How do you pass a woman’s shit-test?

The key to passing a woman’s test is to remain unaffected by it and continue to display confidence and self-assuredness.

When you really are confident, you do not need to worry about “faking it til you make it” because this is the kind of man that you simply are.

You are a man who is confident, knows exactly what he wants, goes after what he wants, and is very unapologetic about it.

Nowadays, whenever I am interacting with a woman and she tries to throw me some sort of a shit-test, I straight up ignore it and proceed forward towards my overall goal.

That means that if my goal is to get laid tonight with a hot woman, I will approach and interact with various different women, but I will also let my intentions and desires be known.

And if a girl is not interested in having some fast sex with me, I will forget about her and continue to approach and talk to other women until I find a girl who will have fast sex with me.

At this point in my life, shit-tests are irrelavent to me.

Want to know why?

Because I do not care about what any particular woman wants. I am only concerned about what *I* want.

If a girl and I do not have the same goals and desires, then we part ways and never speak to each other again. If a girl and I do have the same goals and intentions, then we hook up and have some fast raunchy sex.

It is just that simple. This is why as a powerful man, you should NEVER worry about a woman testing you. Because it makes absolutely NO difference.

Know what you want, go after what you want, and by doing that you will get what you want.

– Malcolm Thomas

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