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Why Women Should Have Sex on the First Date (and How to Get it)

havingAll women should have sex on the first date!

How can I say something like that?

Don’t we all hear from countless mainstream dating and lifestyle sites that women should WAIT before they have sex with a man?

Are we not conditioned to believe that the only way a woman has the chance to have a happy relationship is when she waits at least until the THIRD date, before she takes off her clothes?

Yes, that’s what we should believe but that doesn’t mean that it is true. I can tell you from my own experience that with all the women I had sex with, I connected the most with the ones who I slept with on the first date.

When you leave all the social conditioning, all the sexual guilt and all the fake morals behind you, you’ll realize that it has only benefits for you, for the dream girl you are dating and for your future relationship, if you have sex with her on the first date.

Sex on the First Date is Honest

A woman who has sex with you on the first date because she wants it is honest with you. All women who want to have sex with you on the first date and who don’t do it, even though they want it, LIE to your face.

I took women back to my place who were clearly into me, who were moaning whenever I kissed her and who were squeezing me, whenever I touched their ass. If such a woman tells me that she has to wait and that she doesn’t want to sleep with me, I can’t take it serious.

If a woman really wants to sleep with you she should do it, no matter if it is the first or the fifth date. Otherwise, she would be lying to you and to herself.

Sex on the First Date Connects

I already told you that I had the best connections with the women with whom I slept with on the first date. I am convinced that this is no coincidence. Isn’t it the most amazing thing in the world when two people feel a strong emotional and sexual connection?

Yes, it is amazing and beautiful. But do you know what is even MORE beautiful?

Acting upon this feeling and releasing the sexual tension by experiencing an amazing night of kissing, licking, and fucking.

You always feel a stronger connection with a girl once you had sex with her. Girls who are interested in you shoot themselves in the foot by not sleeping with you, even though they do it because they want to appear more interesting.

If you truly want to connect with a woman, you should have sex with her as fast as possible.

How to Get Sex On The First Date: Learn How to Seduce Women

Now you know that girls who have sex on the first date are honest and that this experience gives you the opportunity to connect with her way faster than if you would wait till the third date. The question that you might ask yourself now is:

How can I seduce women to have sex with me on the first date?

Well, there are only two ways to achieve this goal and one of them is to learn how to seduce women. All the advice you find on this website and on my website provide you with the necessary information to develop your beliefs and your seduction skills in a way, that allows you to have sex with more women on the first date than ever before.

Read everything about the art of seduction you can find and enjoy all the naughty first dates in the future.

How to Get Sex On The First Date: Be Non-Judgmental

Besides learning how to seduce women there is one more very important thing you should do in order to experience sex on the first date with a woman. Or in other words, there is one thing that you shouldn’t do.

Don’t ever judge a girl for living out her sexuality!

The biggest fear of women is to be seen as a slut and if she likes you, the main reason why she doesn’t want to have sex on the first date is because she thinks that you judge her for doing it.

If you want to have sex on the first date it is absolutely essential that you communicate to the women you are with, that you don’t judge them for living out their sexuality and that you appreciate women who have the courage to do what they want.

Women are craving for men with whom they can be the kinky sluts they want to be. If you are a man who allows them to do what they want, they’ll do what they want. For a lot of women this is having sex on the first date.

Until next time,

– Sebastian

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