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Why Women Flake (and How to Stop Girls From Flaking on Dates)

flakeyWomen flake for a number of reasons but the main reason is “something came up”.   

No matter what the excuse is . . . something came up. Either it’s at the last minute or a couple days before.  

Many men deal with flaking the wrong way. They either blow up on the woman or tell her everything is okay. Some men may even begin chasing the woman by texting her repeatedly to reschedule. 

None of these responses are okay. Don’t take flaking personal and treat the woman badly. 

Keeping your cool is okay, however you should NEVER chase women. Once you begin chasing the woman is lost. 

Let’s look at the biggest reasons for why women flake and how to lessen the chance of them flaking on YOU.

Why Women Flake (and How to Stop Girls From Flaking on Dates)

Fatigue and bad timing, are prime reasons why women will flake. 

You may have setup a date for skydiving or some other physical activity, but now she’s too tired from dancing last night.  

Women will flake on a date with a guy that requires too much effort from them. No matter how fun a date may sound in the heat of the moment, if it requires too much energy she’ll flake. 

She doesn’t want to walk around the town and go from venue to venue. She’s not sure how long the date is going to take. As a result, if she’s not sure you’re worth her time she’ll flake. 

This why woman will flake on dinner dates, she may not be hungry. Same can be sad of movie dates, she may not feel like watching a movie. 

When women are tired, they’re more prone to flake. This is why you don’t want to make an overcomplicated date either. You don’t want your date to be SO elaborate that she has to find you somewhere in the city. Keep your dates simple, make it so simplistic that it would be impossible for her to get lost. 

A lot of dates never happen because of bad planning. This is why it’s important to lead the interaction and set up a simple date between you and the woman. Don’t do a group date or a date with her and her friends. Your goal is to get to know her and build a connection.

Why Women Flake: It’s all about her mood. 

Maybe she had a hard day at work and just wants to be by herself, she’ll flake.  

Women are more influenced by their emotions. This is why I encourage guys to get a girl out on a date within the first couple days of meeting her. Attraction has an expiration date, the longer she goes without seeing you the sooner she’ll forget about you. A woman could be really excited when she first meets you, but if you schedule a date after you meet her, it’s unlikely you’ll see her. 

A woman’s mood can change so quick and drastically. You have no control over it because you can’t recreate those emotions you gave her in person through text. To combat this, I sometimes leave something small in a girl’s possession to remind them of me. I either give them a song to listen too or one of my small necklaces or rings. I sometimes may even trade earrings with them. You have to get creative with women to make them remember you.

Now some things do genuinely happen. This is why I tell guys not to flip out on girls. Maybe her car broke down, she’s having family problems, she’s with family, or something else. This is why I ask girl’s out on days they’re free and a time when they’ll be free. 

Women will flake on you when things are at a bad time. It’s important to find a time that’s convenient for the BOTH of you. Women love when a man is considerate and they will be very quick punish an inconsiderate man. When scheduling a date do attempt to keep BOTH your best interests in mind.

Now some women just aren’t genuinely interested in meeting up

For whatever reason this is the girl that flakes every time you manage to schedule a date. She ALWAYS has an excuse or some reason for why she cannot meet up with you. 

When a girl flakes more than twice in a row on you, it’s time to move on. The reason for this is because women know their schedules well in advance. They’re always looking forward to plans of going out with sexy guys. Woman will blow guys off that they don’t like. They’re the type that don’t return your calls or texts. When a woman likes you and finds you attractiveshe won’t blow you off. 

Some woman like having the attention of men, and give out their phone numbers to guys they never planned on meeting up with in the first place. Maybe you came off as an asshole and didn’t make her feel special enough. Some women like the attention and enjoy the feeling of being chased by men.

Now you can text yourself out of a date. You may have texted her too much to build rapport through text or called her one too many times. As a simple rule of thumb, once you setup a date with a woman, don’t contact her again until the day of the date. You want to do all the talking in person. You don’t want to risk coming on too strong or her taking your words the wrong way through a text. Now if she reaches out to you before the date, be warm and receptive but keep the conversation short.   You want her to know you have a life and you’re not sitting around waiting on her. 

Why Women Flake (and How to Prevent Girls Flaking On Dates)

To prevent women from flaking, remember the actual purpose of your date. The purpose of your date should be to meet up with a woman, build a connection, and bring her back to your place to get physical. When planning your dates center your date around that idea. Take her somewhere casual, relaxing, and somewhere you two can talk and get to know each other. Keep everything simple and keep everything timely and organized. 

You have to lead properly, women will flake on men who can’t lead and who are insecure. Flaking at times can be a test by a woman, she wants to see how you’ll respond. She wants to know if you’re worth her time. Women don’t want men who are doormats, they want men who can sweep them off their feet. 

Now these have been simple tweaks to stop women from flaking. Now when a woman does attempt to flake, like if she texts you don’t text her back. Call her the day of your date about 15 minutes before your date. Make her feel like she’s missing out on something, don’t let her off so easy. Women will change their minds and consider seeing you that night. 

Don’t give into the flake, but don’t chase women either. If a women really wants to flake, don’t chase her for a reschedule.  When you chase a women you give her all the power, and she knows that she has you. 

You also don’t want to explode on a woman, call her names, make her feel bad, or be mean to her. This just makes you immature and ensures her that she got under your skin. She won’t look at you as a man but rather as a child.

You have to remember to keep yourself under control, and don’t overreact. Women flake, its apart of life, but hopefully these tips will help you prepare and deal with it in the future.

– Just Dave

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