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Why Women Fake Orgasms (and How You can Prevent it)

fakeYou probably have heard of this topic, maybe thought of it.

You may even wonder:

“Do the women in my life FAKE ORGASMS when having sex with me?”

Well, with this ultimate guide you will be able to have a stress free
‘fuck’ and truly enjoy yourself without doubts of whether she is
having mind-blowing sex!

Why do women fake having orgasms?

1. Not in the MOOD!

That’s right. Just because you’re little guy is up and ready to play,
doesn’t mean she is!

She may have had a very stressful day at work and just wants to cuddle.

In such a case, by you engaging in sex will only result in her fake
moans, her squeezing her thighs and there you have it one FAKE ORGASM!

A woman who wants to get laid, throws a lot of non verbal cues. Just
take a peek at the sexy body language article!

2. ‘Same old, Same old’

You’re getting too boring because you’re still using the same moves
over and over.


Make it fun, interesting and erotic!

Look up new sex positions, at the same time keep an open mind to what
she wants to try out!

3. You SUCK in Bed

Although this sounds like a repeat of the last point, I had to bring it up separately.

If you’re not good at fore play OR did not create a good enough
emotional connection OR are turned on ‘MUTE’ while having sex…

…Then you just signed a one way ticket to a world of fake orgasms!

These are all reasons she would fake, rather than risk the awkwardness
of you cumming to an absolute blank, emotionless face!

Another embarrassing situation is if you can’t keep up with her, and
she knows she is no where close to cumming. She may fake an orgasm to
actually protect your ego and self-confidence.

Work on your FUNDAMENTALS!

4. Not Every Day is Her Cup Of Tea

Women are biologically wired differently.

She may be super psyched about having sex, only to fail to reach climax!

It doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy the sex.

So don’t kill yourself, my friend.

Some women prefer clitorial orgasms over vaginal so you need to be
flexible in your approach.

I personally favor giving a woman multiple orgasms (as should you)
before penetrating her!


These may not be the ONLY reasons women opt to fake it in bed.

Reasons may vary between medical issues or insecurities which you are
NOT to concern yourself about!

Just ensure you and your women enjoy the BEST SEX POSSIBLE without
having to fake it!

– Dylan Simeon

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