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Why Women Cheat (and How to Stop Girls From Cheating On You)

cheatingWomen cheat on men for all sorts of various different reasons.

Women sometimes cheat because you are not fulfilling their sexual needs and desires.

Women will sometimes cheat because you are not helping them fulfill and sustain their emotional needs.

Women will even sometimes cheat because you are AFRAID of them cheating on you (this is actually the biggest reason why most women will cheat on men).

The point is, women cheat on men, for MANY various different reasons, HOWEVER…

There is a way for you to STOP girls from cheating on you and it does not require any sort of effort, gimmicky tricks, or jealousy tactics.

In this post, I will first reveal explicitly why women cheat and then I will reveal how you can stop girls from cheating on you (if that is want you want and desire).

Why Women Cheat

The biggest cause of women cheating is due to many men being afraid that their girlfriend (or the girl that they are currently sleeping with) will cheat.

As soon as most men become fearful of their girlfriend cheating on them, that is usually once she WILL cheat.

Why is this?

Because a man who is afraid of his girlfriend cheating on him displays major signs of neediness, desperateness, and unattractiveness.

When a man begins to become fearful of a girl cheating on him, his lack of an abundance mentality usually begins to show and reveal itself and girls become more less and less attracted to him.

But… one of the biggest causes of women cheating is due to men being unable to fulfill their sexual fantasies and desires.

Because the truth be told, you could have the BEST game, you could have the most wittiest pick up lines, and you could be the most drop dead handsome man on earth, but IF…

You are unable to sexually satisfy and please women in bed, if you are unable to make girls orgasm multiple times, then NONE of those things mean a damn thing.

If you are unable to provide girls with GREAT SEX, then you will consistently find girls disappearing, NOT responding back to your text messages, and refusing to go out on dates with you.

Women LOVE good sex. Women NEED to receive great sex in order to stay attracted (and loyal) to you.

You could pay for dates all you want, you could connect with women as much as you please, you can make girls laugh as much as Jim Carrey, but if you consistently find yourself unable to sexually satisfy and please women, then…

Girls WILL Cheat On You Every Time.

But if you are a man who consistently reads this site and provided that you are ALSO a man who has NO FEAR of girls cheating on you…

How do you consistently stop (and prevent) girls from cheating on YOU?

How to Stop Girls From Cheating On You

Here is the #1 foolproof way to stop girls from cheating on you, and it actually involves using some reverse psychology.

The #1 way to stop (and prevent) girls from cheating is to actually encourage girls to cheat.

Yes, as counter intuitive as that actually sounds, encouraging (and sometimes flat out telling or demanding) girls to cheat on you, is the #1 way to actually prevent and stop girls from cheating on you.

Right now you are probably wondering why and how a strategy like this could possibly even work?

When you encourage girls to cheat, what you are really communicating to girls is THIS: “I am a very sexy man with an abundance mentality and LOT’S of options and I have no fear in losing any particular ONE girl.”

This instantly sub-communicates to women that you aren’t jealous, you are not needy, you are not desperate for her attention or her affection, you are simply a calm, happy, motivated man who is attractive and has a lot going on in his life.

And guess what?

When you use this tactic, women will NOT cheat on you. As a matter of fact, girls will flat out refuse to cheat on you.

In response to you encouraging girls to cheat, you will hear them tell you “Oh no, I am fine and satisfied just having sex and hanging out with YOU.”

…And they will be telling you the truth.

Provided that you are providing girls with wonderful, memorable sexual experiences, and provided that you ALSO dating multiple women along with creating and maintain open relationships with various different women in your life, girls will be happy and satisfied just being with YOU.

So do not have ANY fear about women ever cheating on you.

Keep on reading this site and implementing all of the tips and strategies that I share with you here, continue to upgrade yourself and turn yourself into a more and more attractive man, and you will by definition be an attractive successful man who NO girl would ever dare to cheat on.

– Malcolm Thomas

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