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Why Women are NOT What Society Tells You

gyeIn this article I want to reveal something to you that the mainstream media will HATE me for. By saying what I have to say and what I want to say I put myself in a very dangerous position.

Is what I am about to say so provocative and terrible that I have to fear for my life?

Well, it shouldn’t be because what I am about to tell you is a simple truth that is based on Mother Nature’s mission to motivate us human beings to reproduce ourselves.

Unfortunately, we live in a very sad time in which saying this truth can lead to hordes of women who want to kill you.

What is this terrible truth that I want to reveal to you?

The truth that I want to talk about is that women are sexual beings and that women love sex!

Oh my god, did I really just say that?

Viral Bullshit

Yes I did and the fact that women love to get fucked by dominant and self-confident men is a truth that could lead to a beautiful life for all of us. Women who want to get fucked could get in contact with men who want to fuck them and everybody would be happy.

But what does our society do?

Our society is so fucking stupid that videos like this 10 hours in New York crap gets shared on all social media platforms. The woman in this video is an actress and the guy (yes it was a man!) who shot this video makes a living with viral videos.

What a fucking coincidence!

As a result of this video, thousands of self-proclaimed hardcore feminists screamed around that this poor girl was harassed all the time, even though the majority of men just gave her a compliment and wished her a nice day.

What do you think is the impact that this video has on young men who dream about becoming successful seducers but never approached a woman in their life?

The chance that those guys will ever go out there and do what they were born for is extremely low.


Our society just created another few hundred sexually confused and frustrated men that end up shooting around like Elliot Rodger. The more our society communicates to men that women are unapproachable angels that you harass, as soon as you even talk to them, the more guys will end up miserable.

That’s by far not all. Not only do the guys who see those stupid videos become miserable, women will also become more and more miserable.

Women love to get fucked

It is a lie that you harass women by simply giving them a compliment and it is a lie that talking to women is a bad thing. This is not only an insult to real victims of harassment; it is also an insult to the nature of women.

The truth is that every woman loves to have sex. Yes, women love to suck your dick and women love to get fucked till they scream. This is not a sexist thesis, this is the truth. Women have a clitoris and the only reason they have that thing is because it gives them sexual pleasure. Don’t ever believe it when somebody tells you that women don’t love sex.

For us men, for women and for the survival of our species it is absolutely essential that women love sex. Nevertheless, I really start to worry about the future.

What happens if more and more men believe this feminist propaganda?

What if more and more men start to believe that approaching women and wanting to have sex with them is a bad thing?

One day there won’t be a single man anymore who is not brainwashed by the bullshit of our society. One day every man in the western hemisphere will be too afraid to even talk to women, because he doesn’t want to get another hundred death threats on twitter.

When this day comes I will live in a country in which the battle of the sexes doesn’t exist. Feel free to join me.

– Sebastian

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