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Why To NOT Pay For Dates

paying for datesIt’s the ONE question every guy ends up asking himself.

Is it better to pay for dates in the hopes of winning “points” with women?

Or is it better to let the woman pay for dates instead?

This is one area of dating and seduction that I struggled with for a very long time and could not find the answer to until…

I decided to do my own field testing and discovered the solution to this dating question that has left so many men puzzled and speechless.

In this post, I will explain why you should NOT pay for dates, and how not paying for dates with allow you to attract and seduce much hotter women.

Should Men Pay For Dates?

This is where many feminists will begin saying that it should be the man’s job to pay for a date and that not paying for a date is classless and not being a gentleman.

There’s a couple of things wrong with this baseless assertion that so many women attempt to make:

  1. Women constantly fight for equality, women’s rights, and say that things should be more “equal” and “fair”.

This statement makes the whole concept of men paying for dates dangerous. Women are always complaining that things aren’t “fair” and that they want to have the same equal privileges and responsibilities as a man. Well…

Women paying for a date does make things more fair for both men (and women). If girls want to have the ability to earn as much as us, receive the same high paying jobs as us men, then why should women be relinquished from paying for dates?

The point is, women complaining about men not paying for a date completely contradicts their earlier statements about things being more “fair” and “equal”.

Things are only “fair” and “equal” when both the man and the woman pay for dates (or split the bill).

Let’s continue dissecting some other complaints that most women have about men not paying for dates…

Not Paying For Dates Is Not Being A Gentleman…

Here’s another complaint and statement that a lot of women love to make. If you don’t pay for a date, then you’re not a gentleman.

While paying for a first date might be the more “nicer” thing to do, it usually ends up backfiring for the guy “hoping” to get “lucky”.

First, it ends up placing an extreme amount of pressure and burden on the woman to “return” the favor which ends up usually sabotaging the rest of the date because the guy turns a simple first date into a serious romance dinner.

And that’s the big reason why you should NOT pay for dates. You paying for a date gives a woman the “false” impression that you are trying to “impress” her, buy her attention, and “buy” your way into her “pants”.

By paying for a date, what you’re really implying and subcommunicating is that “I’m not good enough to attract and seduce women unless I have money and “buy” for things for a girl”.

When you pay for dates, it implies that she is the “Prize” to be won over in the interaction and not you. 

There’s one more very important reason why paying for dates is a very bad thing to do…

It Prevents Women From Sleeping With You Fast, Which Usually Means That They Don’t End Up Sleeping With You At All.

Paying for the date subcommunicates to a woman to take things slow with you and to “play hard to get”.

Your “actions” of paying for the date tells women that you are looking for a serious relationship so they can’t have you view them as “easy to get” or being a “slut”. They’ve got to “measure up” to your “expectations” of how you view them.

Unless your goal is to get a wife or date a woman who will force you to wait 7 or 8 dates before going to bed with you, I’d advise you not to pay for dates.

Stop paying for dates, it kills your chances ofever sleeping with the women you most want.

But if paying for a date doesn’t work, what can you do instead?

Stop Paying For Dates, Start Taking Women To Bed…

When you stop paying for dates and instead let women pay for you, you completely reverse the dating roles.

By letting women pay for dates, you subcommunicate to her that you are the “Prize” to be won over and that she is trying to “buy” her way into your pants.

But there’s another more important reason why you should let women pay for dates instead of you:

You get her more invested in you, which causes her to become more ATTRACTED to you.

Think about it, the things we as human beings value most are those things which we have to work for, and by a woman paying for a date she is investing (her money) into an interaction with you.

In other words she is putting more skin in the game, while you appear to be the person she is trying to please and seduce. 

And, women will go to bed with you a lot more faster when they pay for dates instead of you.

Stop Paying For Dates, it sabotages your chances of ever sleeping with a woman and instead let women pay for (and try to impress) you.

So consider this post a simple wake-up call and the next time that you’re out on a date with a woman and the bill comes, simply let her pay the bill and hopefully by her doing so, she might just get “lucky”.

– Malcolm Thomas

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