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Why Some Men Are Lucky And Some Men Are Unlucky

why some men are luckyHow badly do you want to be successful?

How badly do you want to improve your skills with women and find your dream girl?

How badly do you want to escape the 9 – 5 corporate rat race that drains your soul every time that you wake up to an alarm clock?

How badly do you want to be a winner?

If you truly want something badly enough, then NOTHING will stand in your way of achieving your goals.

But the question that I have to ask you today is, how badly do you want it?

Why Some Men Are Lucky While Other Men Are Unlucky

Find someone who is successful and the first thing out of the mouth of a skeptical critic is usually something similar to “Oh, that Guy is so Lucky”

A man who is very charming and good with women is often called “Lucky”.

A man who built a very successful business and then sold it for millions of dollars is often called “Lucky”.

A man who is good at playing the piano is often called “Lucky” by all of his friends and family

What these people fail to realize (the skeptical critics) is that ALL of these successful men CREATED THEIR OWN LUCK.

That man who is good with women and smooth with women created his own luck by going out day after day and approaching women, getting rejected, approaching MORE women, facing MORE rejection, and along the way making tweaks and improvements to improve his results and BECOME good with women.

That man who built that successful business is often called “Lucky” by his friends and peers but what they didn’t see, is the HOURS and HOURS that he spent taking action on the idea that he thought of, wondering whether or not his idea would eventually pay off or fail miserably, and spending many days and weeks wanting to quit and simply give up.

That man who became good at playing the piano wasn’t born a natural piano player. He LEARNED how to become good at playing the piano. He stayed disciplined, devoted the neccessary hours needed to improve, and he practiced and practiced for HOURS every single day of the entire week.

What these spectators (and outsiders) didn’t see was the PROCESS that these successful men had to go through in order to find success and get “Lucky”.

They only saw the EVENT (the end result).

Successful Men Get “Lucky” By Developing a Solid Process

Becoming a man who is lucky doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by a choice.

Becoming a lucky man is a choice.

You become lucky by following a process, doing the work, and getting rid of the terrible excuses that stand in your way of achieving.

If you want to become a man who is “lucky” with women you go out night after night and you approach and talk to HUNDREDS of different women. By you going out mercifully night after night and approaching women you will learn and discover what makes women tick, what they best respond to, and what attractive qualities that they look for in a man.

If you want to become a man who is “lucky” in business you learn from the self-made business men who have made millions. You learn ALL of their fundamental successful habits, you reverse-engineer their success, and you begin to actually DO what the other successful men who you envy do.

Becoming a man who is “Lucky” is a CHOICE. The harder you work, the more luckier that you’ll be.

There is a reason why some people are always so “unlucky”. Because they are very lazy, have no ambition or work ethic, and have a selfish, victim mentality.

The people who ARE “Lucky” work hard, they don’t make any excuses for themselves, and they stay dedicated and accomplish their goals.

Make your choice, you can choose to be “unlucky” or you can choose to be “lucky” because there ain’t no in-between.

– Malcolm Thomas

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