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Why Sex was Never the Goal

yioI want to ask you a question and I want you to think about this question for a few seconds:

Why do you want to learn how to seduce women?

If you are like most men, your first answer would be that you want to bang a lot of chicks. For the majority of men, the number one goal when they start to approach women is to have sex with as many women as possible.

They want to bang hot models, want to experience threesomes and wild orgies and they want to have the sex life of a male pornstar. Don’t get me wrong. It is absolutely fine if you really want that but before you go out with the goal in mind to bang hundreds of chicks I want you to think about whether or not having sex with a lot of girls is really your goal.

I don’t say that it is wrong to have sex with a lot of girls, the only thing I want you to question is whether sex was really the reason why you embarked on your journey towards becoming a successful seducer.

You Can Get Sex Easily

When you come to think about it, it is extremely easy to get sex. You don’t really have to work on yourself and you also don’t have to overcome any fears. The only thing you have to do to get sex is to pay a small amount of money and boom…you can sleep with more beautiful women than you can handle.

Seriously, in my home country you just have to pay about 30 Euros and you can fuck prostitutes that look hotter than all the girls you find on the street. If you really want it, sex doesn’t require countless hours of approaching women and going on dates.

The question is: do you really want that?

I personally know that I DON’T want to sleep with women who only do it because of the money. I also know that sex is not the main goal why I started to overcome my fears and why I invested hours in approaching women.

Yes, sex is the end result but if this would be the only important thing you could pay the money and bang a hooker. However, because you are on this site I assume that this is not the goal that you have in mind.

What You Really Want

What is it that really drives you?

What is the REAL reason why you wanted to become better with women?

Let me tell you why I wanted to learn how to seduce women. The reason why I embarked on this journey was because I wanted to become more self-confident and because I wanted to attract the women into my life that are perfect for me.

The reason why I embarked on this journey was not to bang a bunch of chicks with which I felt absolutely no connection. My goal was to learn the necessary skills to attract exactly those women into my life that I wanted to have in my life. My current girlfriend is all I ever wanted in a woman and I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t have attracted her if my goal was to bang anything that moves.

Like I said, sex is the result of your goals but I am pretty sure that you also have goals that exceed the sexual level. Think about your goals in terms of becoming fearless, developing your personality, achieving the things in life that you want to achieve and attracting the girls in your life that you really want to spend your time with.

I enjoy nothing more than leading a woman through the whole seduction process. I really enjoy every second of it and I am pretty sure that your main motivation is also the feeling of attracting and seducing amazing women who sleep with you because you are the man they were waiting for.

In case you still think that sex with chicks who don’t mean shit to you is the only goal you have, you should better grab some money and go to a hooker…

– Sebastian

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