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Why Meeting Women Using Your Social Circle is So EASY

sociallyI talk a lot about cold approaching women and not letting any excuses stand in your way of achieving great things.

But with that said… Using your social circle to meet women is one of the most EFFECTIVE ways to attract and seduce beautiful women.

When you use your social circle to meet women, many of cold approaching’s disadvantages automatically turns into an advantage.

Allow me to explain to you how and why using your social circle to meet women is one of the absolute BEST things that you can do to improve your dating and love life.

Why Using Your Social Circle to Meet Women Is So EASY and Effective

When you meet women via your social circle, you already have built in social proof and trust.

What this means is that:

  1. Girls will be MUCH more receptive to your initial approach when you start a conversation 
  2. Girls will be MUCH more forgiving should you screw up, say something silly, or fail to move fast enough.

When you use your social circle to meet women, you have already been vetted and the girl already knows that you are not going to try to hurt her, rape her, or anything else.

This is totally different once you cold approach a new girl. She does not know ANYTHING about, nor does she know what your intentions are, why you are talking to her to begin with, and she will be much more faster to move on and leave you hanging out to dry should you say the wrong thing, not stimulate her emotions enough, etc.

The women who you meet in your social circle will already want to meet and get to know you because if you know so and so then you MUST be a somewhat cool guy to hang out with.

Most women will believe that it is fate that brought the 2 of you together but you know differently.

How to Use Your Social Circle to Meet Some Amazing Cool Women

Begin hanging out with some cool guys who are (preferably) already good with women.

You want to do this for 2 reasons:

1) Hanging around a guy who is naturally good with women will allow you to study his game, observe his mannerism, and begin to effectively mimic his style and good traits.

2) When you hang around cool people, you become by mere association cool. Who doesn’t want that.

Another reason why it is a good idea to hang out with some cool guys to meet women is that they will show you all of the cool hot spots that beautiful women actually hang out at which definitely does not hurt.

So Exactly How Do I Use My Social Circle to Begin Meeting Women?

Simple. After you befriend enough guys and become somewhat known at all of the cool places… people will naturally begin to introduce themselves to you… and their friends (which is attractive women).

So it ends up looking like this:

You head out for the night to go to club X and meetup with some of your cool guy friends…

You arrive and you notice 2 of your friends Jimmy and Paul both talking to 2 different attractive couples…

You approach them and you join in on their conversation and then one of the couples friends comes along and they introduce you guys to them and the cycle keeps on repeating itself…

This is what makes using your social circle to meet women SO effective. You eliminate the task of having to cold approach women yourself and hope for the best.

Now… instead of cold approaching women and hoping that a certain particular girl likes you… Now you get introduced by a girls friend as a cool guy and someone who she should be interested in getting to know (and spending some alone time with).

Not only that… but when you get introduced to women through your social circle, you already have a built in conversation topic that you can use to talk to women about… “common friends” and how you guys all met and know each other.

You can then use this opportunity to display some more positive qualities about yourself and give the girl who you are meeting the impression that you are a cool guy who people like to hang around and be associated with.

In other words, when you use your social circle to meet women, you effectively kill 2 birds with one stone:

1) You are able to meet some pretty, amazing, attractive, and single women which is NEVER a bad thing

2) You make some new friends with some cool guys (who are naturally good with women) who you can learn things from

And by you continuing to meet women via your social circle, your skills only get better and better.

Your process for meeting women via your social circle becomes more smooth and effortless.

Your ability to talk to women and keep an interesting conversation going becomes extremely easy as well.

Your ability to close women skyrockets to unimaginable heights.

The girls you meet in your social circle will not flake on you as much.

YOU become the alpha male, the guy who gets all the girls.

Your dating and sex life reaches new heights, levels that you once believed were not possible.

Eventually, you never really need to cold approach women ever again because your calendar is already filled with so many dates and your phone can’t handle all of the incoming messages that you are receiving from all of these different beautiful women.

You become a new man and your abundance mentality skyrockets to new unimaginable heights

You are now able to get a girlfriend and get sex whenever you want consistently.

And ALL of this is possible because you began meeting women using your social circle.

Is Meeting Women Via Your Social Circle REALLY That Easy?

Yes… it really IS.

Consider this fact: over 60% of all marriages began because the husband and the wife met and began dating at work.

Most men and women do not date and sleep with TOTAL strangers. Most men and women meet each other through their friend’s friend’s.

Amy meets Megan… Megan introduces Amy to her good looking friend Paul… Paul and Amy hook up at the after party.

Most guys are ONLY able to get laid through their social circle.

Most men simply do NOT have the ability to approach a cute girl who they never saw and do not know…

Talk to her and build an emotional connection with her…

Invite her out on a first date and get her phone number

Text her to confirm the date and meet up, and successfully seduce and get her into bed

Most men simply do not have that unique ability. Most men reading this article do not yet possess the skill level to pull something like that off.


Most men CAN get laid (quite easily) with the women that are currently within their social circle.

And you can meet that girls friend’s and sleep with them, then meet that girls friend’s and sleep with themANY guy has the skill level and knowledge to pull that off.

On top of that… with social circle you can “slow game” women. You don’t have to move as fast which will sometimes turn some women off.

Being Using Your Social Circle to Meet Hot Women Now

If you’re a guy who still struggles with approach anxiety and running out of things to say and talk about… using your social circle to meet women is effective and WILL help you.

If you’re a guy who still does not know what to do on a first date and you believe that your dating skills could use some more practice… using your social circle to meet and date women will help you

If you’re the guy who is always chasing after women, buying them things, and paying for their dates… using your social circle to meet women will help you fix that problem.

Start meeting some beautiful amazing women now using your social circle and watch your results, success rate, and skills with women skyrocket to the next level.

– Malcolm Thomas

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