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Why it Doesn’t Matter What You Say to Girls

it doesn't matter what you say to girlsWant to discover the biggest reason why most men are afraid to approach girls?

The fear of not knowing what to say to girls.

When you ask them why they refused to approach that hot girl that just walked past, what you will usually hear them say is:

“Man I would love to approach that cute girl but I don’t know what to say to her”

And truthfully, I can relate to this. When I first got started trying to better myself with women I ALSO thought (incorrectly) that what I said to a girl had to be PERFECT in order to get her to want to stay and talk to me.

Except… As I went out and watched some of my friends who were “naturals” approach and seduce women, I ended up noticing something very profound.

They would usually approach and open women using the most basic and simple lines. I’m talking the very FIRST things that “popped into their heads.”

And… the lines that my “natural” friends used WORKED, but NOT because they were interesting or intriguing, but because they were simple.

Upon me seeing all of this, I learned that it does not matter what you say to girls. 

All that matters is the message that you communicate to girls non-verbally.

Allow me to explain why below…

Why it Doesn’t Matter What You Say to Girls

The key to succeeding with women is all about getting girls to feel the right emotions. And when you approach a woman and begin talking to her, she ISN’T listening to the words that you are saying.

What she’s actually listening to is what your body language is communication.

Never forget: 90% of all human interaction is happening non-verbally.

Girls have now become programmed and conditioned NOT to pay all that much attention to the words that men use when talking to them. 

Girls pay much more attention to:

These are ALL things that have NOTHING to do with your verbal communication but are things that ALL women pay attention to and notice.

It’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it that matters

Girls know that it is very easy for men to lie and say things that aren’t really true, but it’s much more difficult to hide the communications that your body language and mannerisms are giving off.

But I STILL Want to Learn Some Simple Things That I Can Say To Girls?

The truth is that when you approach a girl, it really doesn’t matter what you say.

What matters is that you say SOMETHING. It could be as simple as walking up to a girl and saying “Hi” to her and saying whatever comes to your mind.

A couple of simple opening lines that some of my friends who were “naturals” have used in the past with great success are:

“Hey, I thought you were attractive and wanted to come say Hi. I’m Malcolm”

Yes, I know simple but very powerful and an easy way to intrigue girls.


Because most men don’t have the balls or the courage to walk up to an attractive woman and open her with a direct open.

Most men are too afraid to be direct with women and so they’d rather be indirect with women and try to beat around the bush.

Which is why this opener is SO powerful. Most women aren’t used to men going up to them and complimenting them in a very direct and sincere way.

When you’re direct with girls what you’re REALLY communicating to them is “I’m not average” which is attractive because girls know that the only men who do this are men with an abundance mentality and many options.

You’re communicating to women inexplicitly that you are a Powerful High Value Man (Remember all 90% of communication is happening non-verbally).

Another opening statement that I’ve seen many “naturals” use on women to great effect:

“Hey, I saw you walking and had to come tell you that you have a great sense of style. I’m Malcolm”

Again it’s direct and straight to the point and women know that you’re interested in them sexually or romantically. They know that you aren’t going to waste any precious time chasing a girl.

In all honesty, what you say to a girl doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t.

The point of opening isn’t to try and come up with the most clever thing to say to a girl. The point of opening is to simply start a conversation with a girl that you like. That’s it.

Your ability to open is successful as long as you approach a girl and start a conversation with her, regardless of what her reaction is to you.

What you say to a girl doesn’t matter at all. Just focus on saying SOMETHING.

If you really have to, use the two (2) opening statements that I gave you.

Your Fundamentals Are The Only Thing That Matters

What you say to a girl when you approach her doesn’t matter.

The only thing that DOES matter is:

  • the vibe that you convey when you approach girls
  • how sexy your voice tone sounds when speaking to women
  • the way that you touch a girl and build rapport

Those are ALL the things that are far more important and have much more significants than what you say to a girl.

Stop worrying about coming up with the most clever and most perfect thing to say to a girl and start focusing on making sure that you are at least saying SOMETHING when you approach a girl.

Doing this will remove almost ALL of your approach anxiety that you might have had, get you “Out of Your Head” and prevent you from over thinking, and allow you to attract and seduce the most beautiful women in the world.

What you say to a girl doesn’t matter, the ONLY thing that matters is that SOMETHING comes out of your mouth.

– Malcolm Thomas

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