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Why Isn’t She Texting Me Back?

Why Isn't She Texting Me BackHave you ever gotten a girl’s phone number and texted her only to have her NOT text you back?

“Why Isn’t She Texting Me Back?” you end up asking yourself.

“She seemed to really like me a lot and I thought that she and I both had a really powerful connection.” you begin reasoning to yourself.

Why DIDN’T she text you back? 

Is she simply not all that interested? Is she trying to play hard to get?

Why do girls sometimes give men their phone numbers and then refuse to respond to their text messages?

What is the root cause of this problem and is there a way to stop it?

Why Isn’t She Texting Me Back?

The reason she isn’t texting you back is because you are needy. You lack an abundance mentality and you don’t have ANY other options.

And all of this shows and reveals itself in how you text a girl, how eager that you are to make her respond to you text messages, and how desperate you are to get her attention.

She isn’t texting you back because she already knows that you’re not going nowhere. She can have you whenever she wants, so what’s the rush?

You even asking the question “Why isn’t she texting me back?” says a lot about your options with women and the kind of life that you lead to begin with.

Powerful men with status and “options” don’t spend their precious time worrying about whether or not some girl is going to text them back.

Intriguing men who lead exciting lives don’t spend half their day chasing a girl and trying to figure out why she didn’t text them back.

And attractive men don’t even spend 5 minutes of their day thinking about any ONE particular woman because usually they are all too busy meeting and seducing 20 different OTHER women.

What this means is that if you’re busy spending your days asking yourself “Why isn’t she texting me back?” you have you priorities all wrong and you’re seriously damaging the amount of success that you can have with women.

How to Get Her to Always Text You Back

If you want to learn how to get girls to text you back, you must first learn and know how to text girls to begin with.

First off, when it comes to texting girls: Less is More.

This means that the more shorter and easier to read and understand that your text message is, the greater you improve your chances of actually getting a response.

That ends up looking like this:

You:“It was nice meeting you today. Let’s meet for a cup of coffee this week. What day are you free?”

Her: “It was really nice meeting you too. Coffee sounds great. I’m free on Wednesday”

You: “Cool, Wednesday works great. Let’s meet at Starbucks at 7:30. See you then :)”

Her: “Alright that sounds good. I look forward to seeing you too :)”

That’s how all of my typical text message conversations with women go and play out nowadays. They are all very short and simple interactions and they are all very direct and easy to read.

I make it easy on the girl because I am a man who is able to lead the text message interaction in the direction that *I* want it to go.

If girls aren’t responding to your text messages, it means that either your text messages are not that clear and is difficult to understand (and thus come up with an intelligent response) or it means that the women whom you are texting are not really all that attracted to you to begin with so you need to begin working more on your fundamentals.

But What If I Follow All Of These Tips and She STILL Doesn’t Text Me Back?

Then you forget about her, move on, and begin meeting more attractive beautiful women. Sometimes women are into you one day and NOT into you another day. Sometimes that’s what happens but life keeps moving on.

But if you’re a man who truly knows how to attract girls then you don’t waste your time approaching girls ONLY to try and get their phone numbers.

You approach a woman with the end goal of getting fast sex on the very same day that you meet her. You don’t ONLY try and talk to her, you ALSO physically escalate and try and kiss her.

Too many men (falsely) believe that getting a girl’s phone number is an accomplishment but really it’s NOT. Getting a girl’s phone number is NOT the end itself; it is only a mean’s to an end. 

Getting a girl’s phone number doesn’t even mean that a girl really even likes you. Women give out their phone number to men they don’t like ALL the time without ANY intention of ever texting those men back.

  • Sometimes women give out their phone numbers to men because they are too afraid to reject a man and make him feel bad.
  • Sometimes women will give out their phone numbers to men because they DO like a man but ONLY as a friend.
  • And sometimes women will give out their phone numbers to men because they ARE actually attracted to these men and want to sleep with them.

Your job and goal as a man is to figure out (as quickly as possible) which category that she belongs to.

This is why I say that Dating Is and Will Always Be a Numbers Game.

It’s your job as the man to weed out the uninterested women from the women who are actually interested in you. It’s your task as the man to determine which girls are interested in shopping with you and which girls are interested in fucking you.

How do you quickly determine and figure out which category that any particular girl fits into?

You immediately text her after getting her phone number and you ask her out on a date.

And immediately after you send her this text message, you begin talking to and meeting other cute women. And eventually you WILL end up forgetting about her because you’ll be so busy flirting with and attracting other women that your plate will be too full.

You will no longer spend your afternoons asking yourself “Why Isn’t She Texting Me Back?” because it that point, SHE will be the one asking HERSELF “Why Isn’t HE Texting Me Back?”

– Malcolm Thomas

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