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Why Girls Like Bad Boys

bad boysI have a friend that rarely has a problem attracting girls. My friend has tattoos on his arms, he’s muscular, and he drives a muscle car.

How much more masculine can he get?

I can see girls checking him out and flirting with him but he doesn’t put in any effort to flirt back because he’s always talking to different girls and so he has an ABUNDANCE of them. He also drinks and parties a lot.

As you may already know, nice guys are pushovers and give constant attention to women. They never put women on that emotional roller coaster that bad boys give them.

Bad boys can be nice at times but know when to say “No” and are willing to stand up for themselves when they feel like they need to.

For example, I had a friend of mine who had dated this girl for a few months until she broke it off with him. He was the typical nice guy as he always gave his girl attention and never had any arguments with her.

He tried to do everything for her and would always pave way out of his schedule to do whatever she wanted to do or whatever she needed. He was too nice to her and he could never say no to her.

She told him that she needed space. She broke up with him and started dating a guy who didn’t treat her right but she was always there for him.

Guess what? He broke up with her after and she was left devastated.

Here are a few reasons why some girls like bad boys. Emphasis on ‘some’ because I’m sure at a certain age of maturity, most girls let go of the whole wanting a bad boy phase.

However, I’m also sure that there are girls who never get tired of that phase. I’ve seen girls get rid of this bad boy phase after high school, but it obviously doesn’t apply to every girl.

Bad boys love to have fun

Some girls want a guy who lives his life however he wants. Some guys love to smoke, drink and go out partying, and some girls get turned on from this.

These type of guys love to live life on the edge and are wild, and since girls have the whole nurturing side to them, they feel like they need to change him for the better and stop his wild side.

This could also mean that they are attracted to these bad boys because they feel like they need to tame them.

Bad boys are confident and very masculine

These types of guys DON’T CARE what others think about them, especially women.

They say whatever they want and know when to say no to a woman’s demand. They are not pushovers and they put themselves first.

They don’t get nervous making moves on women and they are very forward when it comes to getting sexual with women. If women don’t dig them, then they would just find another girl who may want to have sex with them.

Going back to my friend who was a total pushover, he gave his girl the world and she took it all for granted. My friend had never gotten intimate with her nor had he kissed her because he didn’t have the balls to do it.

Girls want a guy who can get intimate with her, and bad boys have no problem in doing so. Bad boys know when to say no and don’t let girls take advantage of them.

If you say no to a girl’s demands, she might actually get turned on because she knows that you are not a pushover like the rest of the guys. She would know that you have a mind of your own and aren’t going to be their slave, which turns them on.

Bad boys don’t want commitment

This goes back to my high school friend who was constantly talking to numerous girls back in high school and this made more girls attracted to him.

Some girls’ love guys who ignore them and make them feel like they don’t exist, and this makes them attracted to them because of their desire to seek approval.

Some girls get hit on all the time by guys, but they are suddenly attracted to the guy who does not give them any attention and ignores them. They think of this bad boy as a challenge and they must get his attention.

Some girls hate when guys ignore them because they want them to validate their worth and beauty.

Use push and pull tactics on women to increase their attraction towards you whether you’re a bad boy or not.

Using push and pull on women shows them you can be a nice guy, but it also gives women space, it’s the best of both worlds!

My pushover friend was all ‘pull’ with his girlfriend and she felt that he was too clingy and needy. Add some ‘push’ in there and you will have her crawling back to you!

Push and pull works best when the girl has some attraction for you, and this can be done by things like being a good listener, dressing well, etc.

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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