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Why Getting Rich isn’t an Assurance of Getting the Girl

cutieI’ll keep this short and sweet fellas.

Days ago, my sister was talking about her friend. Let’s name the guy, down syndrome.

So my sis was talking about this rich guy with down syndrome. (By the way this guy looks like shit.) seriously.

This story is a classic fake alpha to beta type of story.

Let me tell you why…

So the guys owns like a lot of businesses and shit, got 5 cars and lives in a huge fucking house. No shit man, I mean big like fucking Charlie and the chocolate factory type of shit.

So this guy went out with my sis and my sis’s friend. So basically the guy was hitting on my sister’s friend. Let’s name the girl, Golddigaa.

So days passed, they went out drinking and all that shit, Goldigga tells my sis she likes mr down syndrome. It’s all cool since both parties were single at the time.

Goldigga recently just broke up with her alpha boyfriend. ( You know where I’m getting at this) the reason they broke was because the guy hits goldigga. Not cool at all. ( I’m against hitting women, not unless it’s the ass. lol)

So both parties were single, then the guy started to show signs that she likes the bitch. He started to talk about how much money he has and how much business can he buy because he’s so fucking awesome and all that type of arrogant type of crap. So mr down syndrome cant keep his fucking mouth shut.

So, days passed, since boy syndrome was too happy that the girl is showing signs of attraction. He got overwhelmed and started acting like a boy who got his first time with a hooker. He acted like a fucking needy loser who constantly gave flowers. So at that part of the story where my sis was telling, that was the part I already knew what happened.

Anyways, so when boy syndrome started to do the beta shit, goldigga was like “oh shit he’s paying for my gas money”. Classic fake alpha turned beta type of shit. FAKE ASS HOMO.

So last night when I was trying to fucking sleep ,My sis woke me up, and told me that her goldigga friend went back to her alpha boyfriend and left mr downsyndrome all alone. Haha! I was like , “Why do you look so shocked sis? Were you expecting her to go to that homo because he’s rich?”

I told her, he acted like a wuss. No wonder he’s alone. He might have all the money. But it won’t keep the bitch. If that alpha guy was banging golddigga like a chimpanzee on a tree, no wonder she came back to him.

Women are boring in nature. If you’re boring why the hell would she stay with you?

She’s already boring for God’s sakes .She doesn’t need another boring ass man in her life. If she did, then you must be so fucking rich.

And that my friends, is the TRUTH.

– Donny

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