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Why Getting Dating Advice From Women Is Worthless

dating advice from womenWant to know the biggest reason why most people fail at life?

They get worthless advice from people who don’t have a darn clue what it is that their talking about.

If you want to succeed in life and accomplish your goals, you must make a conscious effort to ONLY get advice from the men who walk the walk. The men who made mistakes along the way and lived to tell the tale. The men who live a life that you envy.

Getting useless advice from people who simply spout out theory and useless nonsense doesn’t help you reach your goals, it only helps to push your goals further away.

You see this most commonly with men getting business advice from broke people, men getting dating advice from women, and men getting fitness advice from people who are out of shape and spends every night eating at McDonalds.

Most people FAIL because they get bad advice from people who don’t know what it is that their talking about. In other words they get advice from people who give advice not from experience but from speculation.

To succeed at dating and in life, you must take REAL, no-nonsense advice that will help you to achieve all of your goals.

Why Getting Dating Advice From Women Is Worthless

So why exactly is getting dating advice from women completely worthless to you as a man?

Because the women who give you tips and advice on how to attract and please women have NEVER done this THEMSELVES.

Most (no wait, ALL) of the dating advice that you’ll get from women is nothing but theory and tells you about how they wish things in dating would work. Not how it actually DOES work but only how they wish things worked.

In fact, women are as inexperienced as it gets in picking up women as a man.

How can a girl teach you how to seduce a girl when she has never done so herself?

How can a girl teach you how to make a girl orgasm when she has never done so herself?

How can a girl teach you how to attract women when she has never done so herself?

She Can’t. It is IMPOSSIBLE. Getting her advice on these topics is absolutely useless and worthless to you as a man.

Getting dating advice from women does NOT help your game, it only hurts your game. Matter of fact, It actually cripples your game.

Let’s examine exactly WHY most of the dating advice that you’ll tend to get from women will hurt your game…

The Worthless Dating Advice That Most Women Give To Men

“Just Be Yourself John and you will eventually find the one”

Oh really, obviously this man HAS been being himself and it certainly isn’t working. John being himself is exactly why he is STILL a virgin, single, and all ALONE.

More importantly, just telling a man to “Be Himself” doesn’t help him accomplish anything. If you just tell a man to be himself, how does he know what he has to improve on?

Just being yourself doesn’t help you get laid, get phone numbers, and get DATES. It leaves you stagnant and never making any improvements and specific tweaks and adjustments to your interactions.

“Just be nice to girls John, women are attracted to men who are nice”

This advice is all THEORY and NO substance. In other words it is absolutely useless to you. 

The truth is, nice guys DO finish last and women are attracted to the bad boys.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be mean and insensitive when you are around women, it simply means that there are certain attractive qualities and tendencies that EVERY bad boy possesses that makes them attractive to women.

Saying very vague and generic advice such as “Just Be Nice” is not going to help men get sex and dates. Women aren’t attracted to men who are nice, they are actually repulsed by men who act too nice around them.

More importantly, being nice to girls is an easy way to put yourself in the friend zone which causes you to begin chasing girls.

Once again, this is some advice that women believe ought to work in the dating game, but doesn’t actually work.

The cold harsh truth is, being nice to women will leave you with blue balls, feeling sorry for yourself, and masturbating every night.

“I would NEVER sleep with a man who did not pay for me on a date”

Right, yet I have managed to sleep with HUNDREDS of girls who said this very thing before our date and I didn’t pay for ANY of them.

I have already discussed why paying for dates is bad and why you should actively avoid it.

But that does beg the question…

How many men have went out on dates with women and paid, and STILL managed to NOT get laid?


In fact, it happens all of the time. Some sorry sap will spend his whole wage to take a girl out to an expensive restaurant, be nice to her on the date and pay for EVERYTHING, and STILL not get laid or get any sex.

Paying for dates doesn’t increase your chances of getting sex on the first date, it hurts your chances. When you don’t pay for women on dates, you actually increase your chances of getting first-date sex substancially.

You Should ONLY Take Meaningful Advice That Works In The Real World

When you take advice from people that lead miserable, poor, and sorry lives, how do you plan to become successful?

When you take bodybuilding advice from a fat bloke who is out of shape, how you plan to build an attractive male body?

When you take dating advice from women, how to plan to get a girlfriend and actually attract girls?

The key to success is to find someone is who successful and reverse-engineer that person’s success.

Find out how they BECAME successful, ask them intelligent and thought provoking questions, learn about how they think and view the world, and most importantly, analyze their RESULTS.

Getting dating advice from women is bad because women have absolutely NO experience picking up women as a man.

Be very selective about who you get your advice from, because doing this will increase your chances of accomplishing your goals and achieving success.

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