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Why Do Men Allow Women to Give Them Drama?

macjWhy do so many men continue to put up with drama from women?

Why do so many men continue to argue with girls, chase them, apologize to them, and try to impress and win them over?

In this article, I plan to answer this question and tackle it head on.

The REAL reason why men put up with drama from women and how you can prevent this from happening to YOU.

Women and Drama

The reason why most men put up with drama from women is due to their lack of an abundance mindset.

These men do not think that they have the ability to attract multiple women and due to this inner belief, they CANNOT.

These men feel LUCKY to have ANY girl attracted to them. Because THIS girl was willing to date and sleep with them, they cannot risk LOSING her. They have to “play it safe” and try to make the relationship work.

And due to this type of inner thinking, and women being able to just sense their needy desperate behavior, these men experience NO success with women. And the girls who they date KNOW this.

So the women start making demands, giving these men ultimatums, and make the men work their asses off in order to keep them.

And in response, the men start to chase, supplicate, and become even MORE needy.

This kind of behavior from the man continues to turn the woman off even further. This is usually the point in the relationship where she will find a way to cheat on him.

And of course, the man possesses NO girl getting skills nor is he any longer viewed as desirable, so what exactly CAN he do?

Get Options, Bring New Girls into Your Life, and Eliminate Drama From Your Life For GOOD

When you are a man with options, when you are a man with an abundance mentality, the amount of drama that you experience from women immediately disappears almost overnight.

Women will be much less likely to flake on you because they already know that you will simply NEXT them.

Women will be much more likely to actually RESPOND to your text messages, because they already know that if they don’t, you simply instantly NEXT them.

And women WILL have sex with you more often on the first date because if they do not, you will simply forget about them and move on to the next girl.

Because you are a man with OPTIONS and a man with boundaries, you do not tolerate women giving you drama, and because of this, they do not give you drama.

Only sex, massages, cook for you, clean for you, agree with whatever you tell them, follow your lead and command, and work their asses off to please you.

So if you want to eliminate the amount of drama that you experience from women and if you want to spend MORE time having sex and LESS time arguing and fighting, you must systematically learn how to get girls.

You must learn how to talk to girls (and get them attracted to you).

You must learn how to touch women (and make them horny).

You must learn how to text girls (and set up dates).

You must learn how to escalate to sex on the first date.

You must learn how to create and maintain open relationships with women.

You must be able to understand and connect with women.

You must become a MASTER at pleasing women in bed and giving them multiple orgasms.

You must never quit and you must NEVER give up.

Learn and master the principles of what it takes to attract girls, and drama will instantly wither away out of your life.

So remember, have options, develop an abundance mentality, learn how to get girls, and you will enable yourself to experience the dating life that YOU want and desire.

– Malcolm Thomas

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