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Why Dating Women At Work is a Bad Idea

dating women at work At first, the thought of dating women at work sounds like a pretty good idea.

Where you work probably has many attractive and single women who are probably looking to meet a very sexy and exciting man just like yourself.

At your job, you probably have very easy access to all of the pretty women who are working there and it’s probably much more easier to start a conversation with a girl at your job whom you are interested in meeting and dating.

And above all else, most of the women who work at your job will more than likely have their guards down and walls lowered and it will be much more easier to flirt with them and get their phone number.

Now all of these probably sound like some pretty good reasons for why you should date women at work, and they ARE some very good reasons, but…

When you get right down to the nitty gritty truth, dating women at work is a BAD idea and if you’re a man who is hoping to improve his skill set with women, it is something that you should actively avoid doing altogether.

I will explain to you exactly why…

Why is it Bad to Date Women At Work?

Dating women at work is a bad idea for many different reasons…

  1. Trying to pursue women at work is simply unprofessional and if a girl tells one of her superiors about you hitting on her, you could get FIRED.
  2.  What happens if you try hitting on a girl in order to ask her out and she REJECTS you? Now you’re more than likely going to be the butt of everyone else’s jokes at your job and you’ll be classified as the clown who is undesirable and who NO girl wants to date.
  3.  Relying solely on your job to meet and date women causes you to develop a very needy and scarcity mentality and it STOPS you from approaching and attracting the women who you see and meet OUTSIDE of work. (This is the biggest reason why dating women at work is a very bad idea.)

Dating women at work is bad because it causes the women you work with to view you as very desperate and unattractive.

Not only that, but when you try to pursue and date women at work, you falsely convince your mind and brain that there is a limited supply (or amount) of single, attractive women (which is untrue because there are MILLIONS of single, attractive women who are DESPERATE to meet an amazing and attractive man like yourself).

Let’s dig deeper and go even more into depth about why dating women at work is so bad…

Dating Women At Work Could Cause You to LOSE Your Job

Yes, you read that correctly. Dating women at work or trying to date a girl who you work with could cost you your job and employment.

The reason is because if you hit on a girl at your job and you come on too strongly and she DOESN’T like you, there is a good chance (no, a GREAT chance) that she will tell her superiors about your attempts to pick her up and call it sexual harassment.

Dont believe me?

Look on the news, read in the newspapers. This happens ALL of the time.

A man is at his job and he notices a new attractive co-worker. So he casually approaches her and begins talking to her… 

It seems to be going pretty well and after a while the man asks the girl for her phone number and he asks her out to the movies. She tells him that she will think about it and the man leaves the conversation feeling pretty good about himself… 

But the girl DOES think about it and she has Buyer’s Remorse. She has Buyer’s Remorse in the sense that she doesn’t want to be seen and viewed as “too easy to get”. She doesn’t want to be thought of as a slut.

And she ALSO rightly begins ASSUMING that the man is probably bragging about getting her phone number to his friends and OTHER co-workers. She doesn’t want this to happen so she approaches one of her managers and complains about him picking her up and sexually harassing her…

The managers hear and listen to this poor girl’s story and ASSUMES that “Why Would She Lie and Make ALL of This Up?” and they immediately FIRE the man who approached her and tried to hit on her.

I have MANY men tell me about this happening to them ALL of the time. It is that serious. If you ARE going to try to date and pick up the women who you work with, be ready to face the consequences.

Hitting On a Girl At Work and Getting REJECTED Could Permanently Damage Your Reputation At Your Job

Want to know the fastest and most quickest way to drive your personal reputation into the ground and tarnish it?

Try hitting on a girl at work, get rejected, and have her tell ALL of her friends and co-workers about it.

In that moment, your personal reputation at your job will be shot, tarnished, and destroyed.

Not only that, but it will cause all of the OTHER women at your job to actively avoid talking to you (or being seen talking to you).

Women are attracted to the men who OTHER women want. Girls are all about status. If you try dating a girl at work and you are rejected, the other women on your job is going to rationalize to themselves, “Why doesn’t NO girl want to date this man, what hidden undesirable defects or tendencies does this man have?”

The quickest way to tarnishing your reputation at your job?

Try dating a girl at work, get rejected, and watch what happens…

Relying Solely On Your Job to Meet and Date Women Destroys ALL of Your Game

THIS is the absolute biggest reason for why you should NOT date women at work.

Depending on ONLY your job to meet and date women will demolish ALL of your game. 

How come you might ask?

  • You will begin approaching women less and less
  • You will stop moving fast for fear of getting rejected and being made fun of
  • You will NEVER develop an abundance mentality if you are relying solely on your job to meet and date women
  • You will become much more needy and desperate out of fear of the women at your job saying bad things about you to each other
  • A LOT of more reasons…

I could go on and on about the various reasons for why dating women at work is a bad idea, a very foolish one even.

But… what if there is a girl at your job who you are STILL interested in dating and sleeping with?

What should you do then?

How to Date Women At Work (Without Any Drama)

If despite hearing my recommendations about why you shouldn’t date women at work, you STILL find yourself wanting to date the women at your job, then here is what you MUST do in order to successfully pull it off…

Step #1: Don’t Date a Girl You Work With Until She is No Longer One Of Your Co-Workers

This is the most important step that you absolutely need to follow if you are to pull off your attempt of successfully dating a girl who you work with without dealing with ANY drama.

Do NOT date a girl (or try to date a girl) until she is no longer a co-worker of yours. Following this rule is so very important.

Once she leaves your job (or is fired) you are free to pursue dating her and sleeping with her, but you must not attempt to do ANY of this until you and her are both no longer working together.

Step #2: Make Sure to Grab Her Phone Number When You Are First Introduced to Her

This is another step that is very important for you to follow if you want to maximize your odds of successfully dating a girl who you work with.

You MUST get her phone number early on when the two of you are first getting to know one another and building an emotional connection.

You must do this so that

  1. It looks natural and sporadic and doesn’t seem like such a big deal and
  2. You must do this so that you will have a way to keep in contact with her when she DOES eventually leave your job

Step #3: Text Her to Meet Up and Hang Out When She No Longer Works With You

The moment that you and her are no longer co-workers, send her a text to meet up with you and hang out. Check out my article on “How to Text Girls (and Set Up Dates)” for much more in-depth tips on what to text girls in order to get them out on dates with you.

The sub-text that you want to be communicating to her is that, “You and I are both former co-workers and we should meet up in order to re-connect with one another.”

Step #4: Take Her Home and Sleep With Her

All of these tactics and tips are completely useless if you do not manage to sleep with her. Your goal when you meet up with her on the date is to sleep with her. Period.

After you manage to get sex with her on the first date, transitioning her into becoming your girlfriend will be easy and simple. 

Remember: The key to getting a girlfriend is to get girls into bed with you and to satisfy them sexually so that you keep them coming back for more.

Dating Women At Work: Is It Worth It?

Is dating women at work worth all of the drama, headaches, and backstabbing?

Is dating women at work worth putting your job and livelihood at risk and jeopardy?

Is dating women at work worth the decline of your approaching skills and your abundance mentality?

In my humble opinion “NO”. Dating women at work isn’t worth all of the frustration and worry that comes with it and in my honest opinion, dating women at work is a very bad idea.

– Malcolm Thomas

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