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Why Dating Career Women is Not as Bad as You Think

careersI bet you have never thought about the fact that it can actually have a few benefits when you decide to date career women.

How can I say something like that?

Don’t I know that dating career women is the worst thing that you can possibly do?

I know that a lot of popular manosphere blogs regard every woman with a full time job as the reincarnation of the devil but just because everybody says that you should keep away from them doesn’t mean that this is actually true.

Even though I would say that you should think twice before marrying and starting a family with a woman who is more focused on getting that promotion than on raising her children, I wouldn’t say that you are automatically making the worst mistake of your life if you decide to date such a girl.

Just because you don’t want to end up marrying her doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy her as a girlfriend or as a fuck buddy. Those types of girls are instinctively attracted to you when who have the balls to approach them.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am definitely aware of all the negative aspects that dating a career woman brings along. I also don’t deny that I am extremely careful when it comes to inviting such a girl into my life.

Nevertheless, I don’t agree on the opinion of so many men who say that there are ONLY disadvantages when you decide to date such a girl. That’s why I want to have a closer look at the benefits that you will experience when giving a career focused woman some attention and love.

You Are Invited

One advantage of career women is that they are completely financially independent. You will never meet a career woman who can’t pay for her own stuff. Most of the times those girls are also convinced that they have to play the role of the independent woman who doesn’t need a man who pays for her.

This can be quite annoying from time to time but you can’t doubt that this is a very relaxing fact for your wallet. I personally have the rule that I never pay for a girl on the first date. I even live by this rule when I am in countries like Thailand.

If you also don’t want to waste your money on girls you never slept with, dating career women is the easiest way to spare your savings. In addition to that, you might get lucky and she decides to invite you.

As you see, you can not only save money by dating career women, you can also get things for FREE. In the best case scenario you live like Ashton Kutcher in Toy Boy.

She Can’t Be That Stupid

One of the things I hate the most when I am on dates with girls is when the person who sits next to me is dumb as bread and doesn’t even realize it.

I once had a date with a girl who I wanted to kill from the second she opened her mouth for the first time. Even though we only had one date, I needed a few days to come to terms with the fact that human beings can be so ridiculously stupid.

Would I have had the same experience if I would have decided to date a career woman?

Probably not!

If I would have decided to go for a career woman instead of the dumb makeup artist that I tried to build up a conversation with, I would have had a way better time. It is simply a fact that a woman who has a successful career can’t be that stupid.

You probably agree with me when I say that a certain level of intelligence is absolutely essential when it comes to communicating with each other.

She Needs a Dick

Let’s talk about the biggest benefit that dating career women brings along. Due to the fact that 50% of men think that dating career women is like committing suicide and the other 50% of men are too afraid to even look such a girl into the eyes, those women are usually VERY frustrated.

They are not only frustrated because they don’t have boyfriends or husbands, which is caused by the fact that they work more than ten hours every day and don’t even have time to go on dates. They are also sexually frustrated because the last time they had a dick inside them was before their last promotion.

The next time you meet a career woman you should do nothing but fuck her brains out. She will highly appreciate this noble move.

– Sebastian Harris

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