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Why Beautiful Women Are Just The Same As Normal Women

mariI have talked about this subject a few times but I always find something more to add on to. To start off, here’s a small exercise I want you to do.

Write down a few reasons that makes beautiful women different from normal women. Actually write it down on paper, don’t just think about it!

The purpose of this exercise is that I want you guys to see the difference in what makes you think beautiful women are so different from normal women.

For example, you can write that beautiful women are out of your league because you are not attractive enough or whatever.

After you write down a few reasons, I want you to realize that attractive women are just the same as average looking women.

I know that a lot of guys put too much pressure on themselves to impress beautiful women, and this makes you appear clingy and needy.

And yes, some beautiful women are very materialistic and want a man who drives an expensive car and buys her expensive gifts all the time, but this can go for some average looking women as well.

If you want a materialistic woman like that, then go for it. I want a beautiful woman who has the right values and mindset as me because that’s what I personally look for.

If a beautiful woman expects too much from me like expensive gifts all the time, then I will just leave and find another woman because I know that there’s an abundance of women out there.

Moving on, I used to think that cute women were different from normal women until that ONE experience I encountered.

I was at a hotel party and I had to go to the washroom but somebody was already in it. There was no one lined up to the washroom so I was still socializing with my friends and was going to walk towards the bathroom as soon as it became available.

I waited a few minutes and this gorgeous woman opened the bathroom door and left quickly, looking to see if anyone saw her leaving the bathroom.

She left the door nearly closed and so since I really had to go the bathroom, I opened to enter it and I suddenly had this nasty aroma hitting my nose.

The bathroom smelt horrible! She must have used a lot of perfume to cover up the smell after taking a number two, and this made it smell even worse. I left the bathroom door closed and went back to my friends’ because I wanted to wait for the smell to go away.

I used to believe that these beautiful women never took nasty dumps and were perfect in every way, and those beliefs got smashed in that one moment. The smell was foul! Did you know that these beautiful women also let out stinky farts too!

This made me realize how normal these beautiful women were and that they also do take nasty dumps and have diarrhea and all that fun stuff that you never imagined them doing.

So why are you getting so nervous around them, they are the same as every other woman out there, attractive or not. Imagine seeing stuff like that, and it makes you realize how normal these beautiful women actually are.

That moment made me realize that gorgeous women are just the same as normal women, so why am I getting so nervous and anxious around them?

You can also refer back to my other article which talks about how makeup screws with a man’s mind into making him nervous around dolled up women.

The moral of the story here is that you should not get nervous around pretty women because they are the same as average looking women. And yes, some beautiful women might be stuck up, but this could also go for average woman as well.

Don’t be nervous around them, and even if you do get rejected, take the hit and move on, there’s more than enough gorgeous women out there.

Find a woman who likes you the way you are, and not being nervous in the first place will help you meet more women, increasing the chances of you finding the right woman.

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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