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When You Should End a Date

datieWhen should you end a date?

Have you ever been on a date that is completely boring, maybe even annoying and after the first ten minutes you already knew that you and the girl you are dating will never end up in bed or in a relationship?

I think every man who goes on a lot of dates has had one or two first dating experiences in his life during which he rather wanted to jump out of the window instead of spending one more minute with the girl that sits in front of him.

In case you have had such a date before I guess that you have done the following:

You sat it out, smiled every five minutes and ignored her stupid chatter. Never in a million years did you think about telling her that you want to go, before you leave the dating venue and her for good. This would be rude and not gentleman-like at all.

Is that really true?

When you ask me it is way more rude to waste a girl’s precious time by pretending to be interested in her, than telling her very honest that this between you two simply won’t work. A real gentleman lets the woman he is dating know where she is at and he doesn’t lie to her.

I have to admit that it only happened to me once that I saw myself forced to end a date early. The girl I was with was really nasty and a pain in the ass. In case you would ever meet a girl who is as terrible as the one that I dated, you should also leave before you regret it.

Let’s have a look at what she did.

You should end a date when she is disrespectful

I am a guy who has a lot of patience and I am by far not an upholder of moral standards but there is one thing that makes me angrier than anything else. I really hate it when a girl behaves like a little princess and treats not only me but also other people in her life disrespectful.

As you probably already know we live in a fucked up time in which it is cool and socially accepted to make fun of men wherever possible. Unfortunately, there are too many guys nowadays who silently accept when a girl arrives too late, talks in a very arrogant way and lets them know that she can do whatever the fuck she wants to do.

Well, not with me and I really hope not with you!

If a girl shows me through her behavior that she is disrespectful to people I rather end the date than spending another minute in the presence of such a woman. If she wants to be a princess she can search for another idiot who worships her. I really hope that you don’t treat such a bitch like your dream girl.

You should end a date when you are not compatible

Maybe the girl you are dating isn’t disrespectful at all. Maybe she behaves just like a normal girl and everything could be so perfect. However, after talking to her for an hour you realize that she is not the girl that you met a week ago.

The girl you approached on the street seemed to be live-loving, passionate and adventurous but the girl who sits next to you doesn’t do anything with her time besides watching TV and getting drunk on the weekend. For me such a girl is anything but a keeper.

When you ask her what she wants to do with her life she can’t give you an answer. She doesn’t have any interests, hobbies or values that make her an interesting person. You, on the other hand, love to travel the world, go to the gym, meditate and read everything you can get in your fingers.

Do you really want to waste your time with such a girl? I hope not. If you are convinced that you and her will never land in the bedroom, there is nothing wrong with telling her that you both don’t fit to each other.

You should end a date when she refuses to pay

Besides a lack of respect and values that are not compatible there is one last thing that should motivate you to end a date. My number one dating rule is that I don’t pay on dates. The reason for that is pretty simple. I only want to spend time with women who want me and who don’t meet me because of a free dinner.

No matter if I am in Germany or in Thailand, I live by this rule. Normally every woman is okay with that and when I explain her why I want her to pay her own stuff, she even supports my rule. Nevertheless, I met one girl in England who simply refused to pay for her meal.

Even though she had a credit card she said that she can’t pay after she ordered the most expensive meal on the menu. She basically just met me to rip me off. Of course she didn’t know that I had a lot of experience with women and that I wasn’t like the other bumlickers she usually dates.

After arguing with her for 5 minutes I went to the waitress, paid my part and left the restaurant. I saw through the window how angry this little gold digger got. It was not only hilarious but I also saved a lot of money and my dignity.

– Sebastian Harris

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