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What You Need to Know in Order to Be Successful (With Women & Life)

knoAs we grow up we all have big dreams.

Perhaps you wanted to be a Rockstar! That awesome dude with the cool tattoos and hot women all over you!

Maybe, you’re more of a sports fan! You probably wanted to play in the Big League with the stars, as the fans screamed your name.

We all have big dreams throughout our lives. If we don’t take actions towards them, then they are just that… DREAMS!

Here is what you need to know and do so that you can guarantee your SUCCESS!

1. Believe In Yourself

For you to be truly successful, you need to create for yourself a good belief system.

I will give a brief example to help you understand what I am talking about.

John has a dream to become a very successful Entrepreneur.

He is very passionate about it, and tells Peter about the actions he is taking to
accomplish his goal.

Peter tells him that he was once an entrepreneur, but he failed miserably! He landed in bankruptcy, a mountain of debt and a bucket full of depression!

John gets discouraged, and suddenly, becoming an entrepreneur is not such a good idea!

If John had a strong belief system, he would have still BELIEVED in his dream no matter what odds he faced!

But, you might ask yourself, how can I succeed despite all the odds I face?

2. Perserverance/ Never Give Up Spirit

I recall reading somewhere on this website, Malcolm telling us he NEVER WENT TO COLLEGE!

Now imagine if Malcolm was to read an article, written by a renown scientist, who conducted a survey proving that ONLY one out of the nine persons who didn’t attend college, go ahead to earn more money than a college graduate while the rest are doomed to a life of financial difficulty?

That would make him greatly discouraged, and in extreme cases result in a SUICIDE!

A person who has a NEVER GIVING UP SPIRIT, will never give up on his dreams.

They BELIEVE that they are that ONE successful person out of the nine people, and NO ONE can convince them otherwise!

Malcolm is therefore a good example of a person who persevered where others have failed, and now earns way more than your average doctor+lawyer×3 combined (Just don’t tell him I told you 😉 )!

So then, how can you retain your resolve to be successful while people tell you it’s impossible?

3. Don’t Listen To ‘What “they” Say’

I liked the article written by Mike a few days back (“What They Say”), and just had to salute it 🙂

It’s true that those who have failed to be successful in their lives will try and ‘put you down’.

The best way I can explain this is from a psychological point of view.

Put simply; it is a trick the subconscious mind uses, whereby a person will put another down, so that he or she doesn’t feel bad about their OWN past failures.

Crazy shit, right?

The question you should ask yourself now is, what should I do when I meet such resistance?

I’ll give you an assignment.

The next time somebody tells you that you can’t accomplish the success you promised yourself, write their names down.


4. The Journey IS NOT Easy

If this is coming as a SHOCK to you, then what I am about to tell you IS NOT FOR YOU!

When I started writing articles for Women Attracted, I promised myself to always be open and never keep anything from my readers, so here goes…

In your journey towards success, expect depression, stress and times when you will feel like QUITTING!

Also, horrible days where things go haywire and all you’re left with, is your will to never give up!


A while back before I found Malcolm’s site, I used to muster up a little bit of courage and approach a girl, only to get rejected!

This made me think I was a failure, not worthy of these hot women.

Then I learnt this simple fact.


By me repeatedly approaching women, I was able to learn from past mistakes, and greatly improve my game!

Before I conclude, I would like to give you my PERSONAL MOTTO, which I believe applies to everyone seeking SUCCESS IN THEIR LIVES!


You can either:

Face Everything And Rise


Forget Everything And Run

The choice is YOURS!

– Dylan Simeon

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