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What Women Want in Bed

nmSo, I was asked to write an article about what women want in bed.

I think you will find my tone to be more along the lines of “how to be what women want in bed.”

Cool? Cool.

Now, I find myself to be very good when it comes to me and a lady in the bedroom. This is no ego-boosting by any means. I have been told this by women I have been with and from their reactions; they are being quite truthful.

Personally, I do not go into the room with different tricks and tips clogging my mind that I need to complete in order for her to get off. Quite the contrary; you need a free mind. A mind that is free from judgment and thought is the ultimate tool in the bedroom (besides the obvious physical tool).

I have always had success with women in the bedroom because I am fully comfortable with allowing myself to be me. I am at peace with my desires and expectations and I have no issue verbalizing what I want.

Women want a demanding individual in the bedroom. I verbalize what I want when it comes to the late night extracurricular. I am not selfish but I ensure to get mine and fully repay her because I truly enjoy watching a woman reach climax.

What else is there to think about gentlemen?

If you are reading this article, you have had the woman in front of you at some point and made connection on a physical and emotional level.

You have passed the “hard” part and recognized her interest in you and are ready to act on it. Do not stop progressing. Persistence reigns supreme when it comes to physical contact.

Now, DO NOT continue to press the touching if she firmly insists that you stay far away from her. That is RAPE. You are scum if you continue past this point. But you do need to learn to recognize when a woman is just being playful and “hard to get” as opposed to her being truly disgusted with you.

I cannot stress how much verbalizing your desires is the KEY to a great lay for both you and your woman.

I have had women that I spent the night with that have never had sex in front of a mirror. That was until I grabbed them in the middle of one position, stood her up and turned her back to me as I walked her to the end of my bed that lined up perfectly with my full length mirror.

This was not a silent transaction. I told her I want to watch myself fuck her from behind and she giggled a little but put up ZERO resistance as I walked her into place and bent her over.

I wanted it, so I verbalized and took it. I did not ask at all. I expressed my desires and it was within her willingness, or she just found me fucking irresistible because I already knew what I wanted, and it happened as smoothly as that.

Sex is natural.

Moving positions, talking dirty and making noises is 100% NATURAL! That is why we fuck! It creates a natural connection between two people where you find yourselves completely lost in the middle of each other with no judgment.

Why shouldn’t you each receive what you want?

I was completely open to her interests that night. In fact, I complied with some hot things she suggested and those things you will not find out. Those are for me!

You all know INSTINCTIVELY how to have great sex with a woman.

Verbalize and act! Do what you want within reason and be open to new things that she would like to show you. Draw the line where you do not feel that you would enjoy a situation but always be open to expanding your boundaries in the bedroom.

If a girl wants to drip hot wax on my back, she can fuck off or just blow me. I will tell her that. That sentence seems a little rudimentary but in the bed , it comes off more sexual and aggressive.

Let your instincts take over gentleman. You have pictured how this night is going to go but will never see it progress to REAL LIFE until you grab your balls and make the situation happen.

She may say no. That is fine. There is a common, kinky middle ground that she is willing to settle and fuck you on.

What are you waiting for, you fucking lion?

– Playboi

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