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What Women Want in a Man (and How to Become That Attractive Man)

whatWhat do women want in a man?

What exactly do women look for in the men who they want to date and have sex with?

These are the 2 questions that drives most men absolutely crazy trying to figure out.

A failure to understand what women want and look for in men is why so many guys experience so much struggle trying to get laid.

But when you know what women want and look for in men… you can do anything that you want to do (and say anything that you want to say) and STILL easily attract girls to you like magnets.

And in this article, I am going to lay out and show you exactly what women want in a man and then I am going to show how you can literally transform yourself into the attractive man that ALL women find desirable.

What Women REALLY Want From a Man

Women want to date a man who is not afraid to lead and make important decisions.

Women want to date a man who is able to make them feel special and unique.

Women want to date (and sleep with) a man who is able to bring out their inner naughty, sexual side (and give them a wonderful sexual experience).

Women want to date men who say what they mean and mean what they say.

Women want men to command them and treat them like slaves.

Women want to date men who can make them laugh without trying to be “liked” or seek her approval.

Women want you to be courageous, inspire, and motivate them.

Women want you to connect with them, learn exciting and interesting things about them, and develop great rapport and chemistry with them.

Women also want to follow a man who knows how to lead and instinctively give her what she wants.

Women want you to reveal some parts of your vulnerable side and be an honest and very open REAL man.

How to Be the Attractive Man that ALL Women Find Desirable

Stop making excuses for yourself and go approach some beautiful women.

Learn how to develop better eye contact and also learn how to smile and be a much warmer person.

Walk with confidence, back straight, shoulders back, with your head parallel to the ground.

Walk slow, move slow, talk slow. Everything about you should communicate confidence, smoothness, and slowness. (Remember, powerful men move and talk slow, while the unsuccessful guys are the ones who running and sprinting around like bee’s.)

Learn how to engage women, capture their attention, and start a great conversation.

Never be afraid to walk away. Remember, women are a dime a dozen. Women are like buses, once you miss one, another one is right around the corner.

Picking up women is a numbers game so if you want to increase your chances of succeeding, remember to always talk to LOT’s and LOT’s of women.

Stop thinking negative thoughts inside your head and focus on only thinking about positive stuff.

Learn how to compliment yourself as you go about your day and begin to develop a routine of saying positive affirmations first thing in the morning when you wake up and also right before you go to bed.

Read a lot of books. You should ALWAYS be learning. Both about people and society but also about the world that we live in. Learn about different cultures, travel the world and visit a bunch of different states, develop some new reference points about life.

Be a man who is ready and willing to Take Action. Reading and learning is great but none of that means anything if you aren’t putting what you learn into ACTION and implementing the advice that the books show and teach you.

Whenever you are out at a social arena, make sure to always take up a lot of space in order to convey the message that you are important and a very high value man.

You should always be dating and sleeping with 2 or 3 different girls at one time. A man with options is a man who is not afraid of his one and only girlfriend cheating on him.

Aspire to be a very dominant, driven, masculine man who goes after what he wants.

Women are attracted to men who have passions and other important hobbies in life that does not only revolve around sleeping with women. Have goals, have big dreams, and then do everything in your power to accomplish them.

Be a winner, be a leader, be a strong man. There is NOTHING that you cannot do if you believe in yourself. Visualize your success in life and then take the necessary steps in life to turn your dreams into reality.

Never quit or give up. Only losers try something for one week and then immediately give up and try a different thing the next. Winners keep their eyes firmly on the prize and they do not stop or deviate until they get what they want.

Whether that is dating a certain kind of woman, getting a certain type of job, or starting your own business, if you refuse to quit or give up, then you can NEVER lose.

These are the things that makes a man attractive, desirable, and ultra successful in life. Follow them, abide by them, recite them, and you can live the life of your dreams.

– Malcolm Thomas

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