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What Women Really Think When You Treat Them as Sex Objects

tfHave you ever treated a woman as a sex object?

In case you are offended by my question and you immediately activate your defense mechanisms, I know that you don’t have the success with women in your life that you want to have.

Asking you if you have ever treated a woman as a sex object is not a terrible question. You only think that you can’t say that and that it is wrong to ask you something like that, because you were conditioned to believe that it is bad to regard women as sex objects.

If you are really honest with yourself you are doing it ALL the time. If you would have the balls to admit that you are a man with a dick and that you also want to use that thing from time to time, you would admit that every time you see a hot girl, you automatically treat her as a sex object.

And do you know what’s great about that?

Women do this also all the time. We human beings are programmed to have sex. This is a fact and thousands of angry feminists can’t change that fact, even if they would love to do so.

But why is treating women as sex objects so terrible in today’s society and what do women really think when you do it?

What Society Tells You They Think

Our society with all its moral rules and its misunderstood gender mainstreaming regards sexual objectification as something evil. No decent man would ever do that, right?

Well, if you decide to treat women the way society wants you to treat them, you will end up alone, miserable and with your dick in your hand. Sorry girls but Mother Nature designed your body on purpose in a way that makes it appealing to us men.

One of the most obvious signs a woman likes you is when she shows that she is sexually attracted to you. She either does this with words, with her body language or with actions. However, she can only do this if she is actually attracted to you.

The uncomfortable truth that you have to accept is that women will NEVER be sexually attracted to you if you behave the way society wants you to behave. I mean, bring a box of chocolate on the first date and treat her as the princess that daddy told her she is and see how it goes.

Please contact me and tell me if you got laid.

What They Really Think

You have to understand that women want you to show sexual confidence, they want you to stare at their ass and boobs and they want you to ADMIT that you do it. This is what turns them on. Women want to feel desired by a man and nothing turns a woman more on than knowing that a guy they are attracted to, wants to put his penis inside them.

Women automatically assume that a man, who isn’t afraid of treating them as sex objects, is confident, authentic and able to choose with which women he wants to be with. All those characteristics are extremely attractive.

However, life is not a porn movie. Even though women appreciate it when you treat them as sex objects, you shouldn’t think that your life will instantly transform to one big porn movie, once you treat every woman you meet as a sex object.

Women are attracted to sexually confident guys but they are not attracted to dumb idiots who treat them like a piece of shit. Bending a woman over and pulling her pants down after knowing her for five minutes and without her consent is a sexual assault and is nothing that you should ever do.

Please don’t make the mistake and think that every woman will instantly become your submissive sex slave once you told her that you want to fuck her.

Bending a woman over and pulling her pants down after you connected with her on a sexual level, after you received tons of indicators of interest from her and after you made out for a couple of minutes is something completely different.

Women want to be treated as sex objects, but they only want to be treated in that way by men who have the skills to seduce her. Once you have learned how to seduce women you will know the difference and you will be able to sleep with all the women that you treat as sex objects.

– Sebastian Harris

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