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What Women Don’t Admit in Public

[ubDid you know that there are quite a few things that women tend to not say in public?

Did you know that there are some truths that no woman wants to admit when you directly ask her?

Did you know that the portrait of women that our society wants to make you believe in is complete rubbish?

When you look at Hollywood movies, articles in magazines and politicians you will quickly realize that the idea of women that is communicated to you all the time is extremely whitewashed and has nothing to do with the truth.

Of course there is a reason for that. Our society wants to make you believe that women are innocent and unapproachable angels whose only way to a fulfilled life is by climbing the corporate ladder.

The more men (and women) believe this, the more men will spend their hard earned money on stupid presents for women that nobody really needs and the more women will become “successful” working slaves, without ever living fulfilled lives.

The truth is that women are not what society says they are.

The Love for Sex

Maybe you have a good female friend who told you that she absolutely loves having sex. Maybe you even have a female friend who said in front of your close social circle that she loves to have a dick inside her pussy.

But do you know a woman (besides porn stars) who said this in PUBLIC?

I guess not. If a woman would publicly admit that she loves to have sex with different guys, a lot of people would judge her for saying that.

She would be labeled as a slut, a bitch and a whore. That’s why a lot of women don’t openly admit that they love to have sex. Now that you know that women are more addicted to sex than we men are, you can start to live your life by the “no kiss and tell rule” and enjoy all the women who sleep with you because they know that you shut the fuck up.

Crazy Sexual Fantasies

At the moment there is this huge debate on the internet whether or not the pick-up artist Julien Blanc is the personification of the antichrist. I don’t say that it is okay what he did and his Tinder messages showed me that he probably has some psychological issues…however…

Why does everyone say that he is a misogynist when he chokes women who obviously enjoy this?

I mean, he wouldn’t use those extreme messages if he wouldn’t get laid by doing it. I am personally not a big fan of chocking women but if it works for him and the girl enjoys it…where’s the problem?

The problem is that his extreme methods show, what kind of stuff women are into. Our politically correct society wants to display women as reputable managers and career women. This picture simply doesn’t tolerate the truth that women have sexual fantasies that contain rape, extreme submissiveness and rough sex.

And no, I am not a prick for saying this. I love women but this is the truth and I met a lot of women who are psychologically healthy who told me about their fantasies. No man could ever think about such weird shit.

They Hate to Lead

Remember that I just told you that our society wants to display women as reputable career women?

Good, the reason for that is pretty simple. More motivated workforce who pays more taxes, who at the same time think that this is beneficial to their emancipation.

This is the best possible thing that a society can do for its own survival. What our society doesn’t want to reveal is that most women actually DON’T want to lead and that they HATE to take over the leadership role.

Unfortunately, too many women admit that when it’s too late and when they are already over 40, in a successful career and without the prospect of having children or at least a husband.

That’s the time when you should fall in love with a much younger woman who you have met on a tropical island paradise somewhere in Asia.

– Sebastian Harris

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