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What to Text Girls to Get Dates

What To Text A Girl, Texting WomenTexting women is one thing that many guys do completely wrong. And that needs to stop. In this post I will show you what to text a girl you just met.

My 3 Golden Rules For Texting Girls…

I have 3 personal rules for texting women that ensures you get a date. They are…

  • Keep your text messages short and simple.
  • Find out if she has anything exciting or cool planned for the upcoming week.
  • Arrange a date and meet up with her in person.

I’ll explain each one in more detail below…

Keep Your Text Messages Short And Simple

If there is one thing many guys fail at when texting women it is not keeping their text messages short and to the point. But why is that important to begin with you may ask?

Simple. The longer time that you spend texting a woman, the less likely the chance you have of meeting her in person. Here’s why:

When Mr.Average Joe gets a females phone number and begins texting her back and forth, sending her witty messages, and entertaining her, she doesn’t become aroused or seduced by receiving his text messages.

What’s really happening is her attraction for him is fading lower and lower. Mr. Average Joe doesn’t know what to text a girl. All that he knows how to do is entertain women and be their dancing monkey.

But women are not attracted to clowns and guys who make them laugh. Women may say that they are but really their NOT.

A guy who knows “How To Get Women Attracted” realizes that women are attracted to men who are effortless and keeps things simple. They are attracted to guys who know how to text them, set up a date, and meet up with them in person. And by trying to make a girl laugh and entertain her over text, you inadvertently shoot yourself in the foot.

Being direct with women and getting straight to the point is the KEY to making your text messaging interactions with women run more smoothly. Do not be indirect, be direct.

So now that you understand the reasons why you should keep your texts short and simple, how do you do it?

Find Out If She Has Anything Cool or Exciting Planned For The Upcoming Week

When you first exchange numbers with a woman, the first text message you should send to her immediately after meeting her should be something short and simple like…

Hey Gabriel, it was nice to meet a very cool and interesting person like yourself 🙂    

Why is this such an amazing first text message to send to a woman? A couple of reasons.

  1. It is a very simple and non-needy text message that women like to receive.
  2. I have a smilie attached at the end of the text message so she knows I am not taking the interaction too serious.
  3. I text her while she still remembers exactly who I am and why she gave me her number to begin with.

The first text message that you send to a woman does NOT have to be super witty or elaborate. What it NEEDS to be is short and simple. It simply needs to break the ice and get her used to receiving text messages from you.

After you send her the initial text message and she responds, you should text her something simple such as…

Hey Gabriel, Are you doing anything exciting or cool this week?   

Again short and simple. We are simply sending her a text message to find out if she has anything cool or exciting planned for the upcoming week ahead.

Usually women will respond back with something like “Nothing much, just work and school.”

Boom you immediately text her back something short and simple like…

Cool. Let’s meet up and grab a slice of pizza on Friday at 7:30  

And the date is set up. Because you made your text messages so short and simple and effortless most women will quickly agree to meeting up with you. It’s expected because you made texting women NOT a big deal.

Sadly most guys do the exact opposite of this. Most guys text women on and on never making a move, never asking her out, and ending up in the “Friend Zone”.

But you’re not like “Most Guys”. You realize that “Attracting Women Is Easy”. You understand that it doesn’t take a genius to know what to text a girl in order to get a date. And you also realize that women don’t like to receive long, boring, or logical text messages from boring guys. You Realize That Texting Women Is Easy.

What To Text A Girl You Just Met

I hope this post has showed you why texting women long, entertaining, or funny text messages doesn’t actually result in you getting laid. Texting’s number one purpose should be to set up a date. That’s it. No comfort building, attraction building, or getting to know her over text. You handle all of that in person. NOT over text. But wait… There’s one more reason why keeping your text messages short, simple, and to the point works so well…

Women are less likely to flake. By asking a woman what her schedule looks like you are immediately able to figure out when she’s free. You are letting a girl know right away that you are a man who is interested in taking her out on a date and making things happen. No beating around the bush. No waiting for her to give you the right signals. You’re taking the lead, finding out and handling logistics, and most importantly making things happen.

Because that, believe it or not is what women are really most attracted to.

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