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What To Talk To Girls About On A Date

Talk To GirlsLearning what to talk to girls about on a date is crucial for any man to learn, if you want to become successful with women.

There are many guys who don’t know what to talk about, how to come across, or even the right questions that they should be asking women  when out on a date.

Inside this post, I aim to teach you everything you need to know, in order to have a successful first date with a girl.

Things To Talk To Girls About On A Date…

Many guys unnecessarily place extreme pressure on themselves when it comes to talking to women on a date.

But… this doesn’t have to be.

The secret to you need to remember when talking to women on dates (and in general) is that your goal should be to get her to do most of the talking.

When on a date, you should be talking 30% of the time, and be listening 70% of the time.

That’s the key to getting women comfortable talking to you and investing in you.

Get Her Talking.

That should be your #1 goal when out on a date with a girl.

If you can do this ONE simple thing, your dates will begin to go a whole lot more smoother and successful.

But right now you’re probably wondering what it is exactly that you should talk to girls about when out on a date?

The 3 Things You NEED To Get Her Talking About When Out On A Date With You…

There are only 3 things you need to make sure your girl talks about when out on a date with you, to make it a successful one.

They Are These 3 Things:

  • Her Goals And Ambitions (And What She Hopes To Achieve)
  • What She Thinks About Life (And How She Views The World)
  • Her Past Relationships (And Why They Ended)

Get Her To Talk About Her Goals And Ambitions…

One thing that every girl has is fantasies. Things she hope and aspire to accomplish in her lifetime. Things she grown up thinking about when she was just a little girl.

Your job as the man, is to get her sharing these personal details with you. 

Remember this: Women connect best to men who they share personal things with.

The more you allow her to share things with you like her dreams, her passion, her fears, the more she will begin to open up to you and become more interested in finding out things about YOU.

How come?

Because here is this mysterious charming guy who has justt now learned so much about her, in such a short amount of time, and she will begin realizing that there is an information imbalance.

You know so much about her, but she knows so little about you.

She will begin to become intrigued by you and will begin seeking information about you.

She will want to learn about your past, your dreams, and your fears.

And the best way to handle this and to answer her questions is to be modest, humble, and turn the conversation back on her and ask her more further questions about herself.

This is how you get a girl interested in you, chasing you, and pursuing you. 

Find Out Her Opinion On Life, Current Issues, And How She Views The World…

The goal here is to get your date talking and sharing with you her opinion on current issues and news.

This is done in order to further build a more powerful bond and emotional connection and to get her sharing with you how she see’s and views the world.

Another reason to do this is to throw some humor and comedy into the conversation that you’re having with her so that it doesn’t get too deep and serious.

It is a simple date after all, it’s not a funeral.

And finally…

Get Her Talking About Her Past Relationships (And Where Other Men Fell Short)

This is the part where you begin to gather Intell and learn information about what she personally looks for and likes in a guy.

But you’re doing more than just that…

You will find a way to turn the conversation sexual to see what turns her on inside of the bedroom.

As she begins sharing intimate details about her past relationships with you, I want you to throw in snide remarks and comments such as,

“Why did you’ll 2 break up, was it because he couldn’t make you cum?”

This question seems innocent and lighthearted, but what you are really doing here, is you’re turning the conversation sexual.

And here’s something else you probably never learned or believed:

Women Absolutely LOVE Talking About Sex. More than men perhaps.

By implementing this tactic you will begin to learn and find out what she enjoys and likes in the bedroom.

And… by doing this she will begin to realize how powerful and rare of a guy you are.

She will begin to see and recognize that you KNOW how to talk to girls on a date.

She will begin to see you as a high status individual… 

She will want you, she will chase you, and then…

You will simply take her to bed.

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