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What to Say to a Girl You Like

mackI had a lot of times in which I did not know what to say to girls I liked and this usually led to an awkward silence or them leaving.

It took a lot of trial and error to find out decent stuff to say to girls I was interested in.

Here are some things you can say to a girl you like… 

Compliment Her

One of the best ways to communicate your interest to a girl you like is to compliment her.

If she says a funny joke, say something to compliment her for that. If you genuinely like something about her, let her know!

Compliment her and then quickly change the conversation so she doesn’t feel pressured to just stand there and take in the compliment.

Tease Her

Teasing is a fun way to flirt and helps to show that you could be interested in her.

One of my favorite things to do is to use push and pull tactics on her.

The push and pull strategy is a great way to create sexual tension and then break that tension, which creates space for even more sexual tension.

Remember, this strategy works more effectively if the girl has some interest in you.

Think of it like this…

If you liked a girl and she gave you LOT’S of attention, it would feel good right?

Then suddenly she stops texting you or something else that shows disinterest.

You would wonder why and if she doesn’t like you anymore, right?

Then a few days later she would message you again, and you would get excited because she’s back into your life.

All this happens because you actually like her, that’s why you care when she gives you attention and when she doesn’t.

She keeps you on the hook. If anything, try working on a stronger pull because that could help create some ATTRACTION.

Not all girls are going to be attracted by just your looks.

Some girls might become attracted to you simply because you know how to connect with them (this could be one reason why you see average dudes with beautiful chicks).

Next time you meet a girl, make everything about her.

Read articles on how to become a better listener and how to have great and deeper conversations with them.

This could help build attraction and once you think she’s interested in you, then use the push part and ignore her, tease her, act busy and act disinterested with one word responses etc.

If it doesn’t work, then move on because she could just not have any attraction or could care less.

– Perry Keith

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