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What “They” Say

they“They” say that you have to follow the ‘rules’ in life. 

They say that you need to go to college and get a “real” job. 

They tell you that you can’t start your own business. They say that if you do, you will fail. 

They say it’s too hard and too risky. They tell you that you don’t have enough experience. 

They tell you that you’ll never make any REAL money from your writing skills. They tell you that your passion as an artist will NEVER pay the bills. 

They say that playing in your band is a waste of time and that you’ll never get a big record deal. 

They tell you that it’s impossible for you to make it to the NFL or ever play major league baseball.

“They” say that anyone who builds a big, muscular body is on steroids. 

They say that an AMAZING physique is only for the rich and famous who can afford personal trainers, personal chefs, and the best supplements money can buy. 

They tell you that you’ll never be rich and famous or able to afford those things.

“They” say that it’s impossible to retire at a young age. They say the only way to become wealthy is to work most of your life away, trading your time (which is your life) for money, for years on end. 

They say you must invest in a 401K, “penny pinch” and save every dollar you can, make smart stock investments and when you reach your “golden” years, they say then you can enjoy your life.

“They” tell you that you cannot attract women who are that beautiful.

They tell you those women only date men who are rich, famous and powerful and who are blessed with amazing “looks”. 

They tell you that beautiful women are OUT of your league. They say you need to settle for a “nice” girl.

“They” say that you are living in sin. They tell you that you will go to hell if you don’t change your ways. They act as if they know exactly who and what God is and what He wants. They act as if they help God run the show.

“They” make it seem as if they have it all figured out.  They feel as if their thoughts, opinions and advice are facts. 

They talk as if they have accomplished all of their goals, have made all of the money they want to make, are as healthy as they want to be, have the bodies they want to have and they act as if they are living the exact life they want to live.

Most of the time, “they” are not as happy as YOU or ME. 

They live every day in an awful marriage with a person that they don’t love. 

They wake up every morning and dread going to work. They have to force themselves to get out of bed. They HATE their jobs. 

They’re not passionate nor are they fulfilled by what they do with their time. They don’t feel appreciated. They never feel inspired or creative. They don’t take pride in the work they do. They don’t like the people they work with. 

They don’t want to see others succeed for fear that it will make them look worse. 

They suck up to management and kiss their supervisors ass, although they hate them, because they hope to get a small raise. 

They worry, wondering if they can afford to make the car payment and still have enough money to buy groceries. 

They wonder how they’ll ever send their kids to college.

“They” feel like shit.  They have no energy, no motivation and no drive. 

They often get sick and feel depressed. They often turn to alcohol, and sometimes drugs, so they can temporarily feel better. 

They can’t force themselves to go to the gym or get any exercise. They don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror.

“They” stop for fast food every night on the way home from work because they’re too tired to cook. 

They watch their health decline and their body fat increase. They don’t feel that there is anything they can do about it. They think it’s just a part of life. 

They think you’re a fool for eating right and going to the gym.  They, secretly, are jealous of your body, looks and health.

Sadly, most often “they” are your family and friends. They can be your mother, father, sister or brother. They can be your grandparents, aunts or uncles. They can be your closest friends. 

They mean well and they think they’re giving you good advice. They think they’re telling you how the world, and life, really is. They think they’re being “honest” and shooting straight with you. 

Usually, they don’t even realize it’s their own negativity, fear, insecurity and weakness that make them tell you the things they do. 

Subconsciously, they don’t want you to achieve what they themselves never even attempted because they didn’t have the courage.

YOU have a choice. 

You could listen to what they say and never even attempt anything great in your life. 

You could have the same experience in life as they have. You could feel the same pain, disappointment, bitterness and unhappiness as they have. 

You could live a mediocre life, as they have lived. You could wonder “what if” as they have wondered most days of their lives. 

Or you can decide, hear and now, to listen to what YOU say and tell yourself, “Fuck what THEY say.” 

This simple choice, the decision to listen to your own heart, follow your own gut and think with your own mind, will open up the door to the life that “they” never thought was possible.

Michael “The Wheel One” Wheeler

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