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What the Chinese Bamboo Can Teach You About Success

chinese bambooI recently read the story of the Chinese bamboo and it was one of the BEST analogies of success that I ever read.

As many might know, the Chinese bamboo is a plant that does not sprout for a few years but when it does, it grows extremely fast in a matter of weeks!

We can see how success could take the same process as the growth of the Chinese bamboo tree.

Success for many people can take YEARS to achieve, and one of the main factors that separate the successful from the unsuccessful is the ability to persist during the hard times.

Imagine the farmer who stopped watering his Chinese bamboo after a year of seeing no results, do you think he would have seen his tree sprout to 90 feet in a few years?

The farmer continued to water and take care of his tree in the four years of seeing NO results. Other farmers and neighbors must have laughed at his face telling him his dreams wouldn’t come true.

What if the farmer listened to everyone who laughed at him and stopped watering his plant?

Yet once again, he continued to water his plants because he believed that the tree would sprout no matter how long it would take.

Many people will criticize you and tell you that your dreams won’t come true and this could make you doubt your own ability to succeed. You can’t listen to what “others say” because at the end of the day, it’s your life and you create your own destiny, not them.

The farmer believed that his tree would reap benefits, but he did not know how long it would take. He continued to take action by watering and taking care of the plant even when he wasn’t seeing results.

This could be related to success because to become successful requires ACTION, and for a long period of time, you might not see any physical results of your action but you are creating the foundation for your success.

The foundation in the Chinese bamboo term is the roots below the soil. The bamboo tree takes years to create a deep root system that prepares the tree to maintain heights of greater than 90 feet! People will see the huge tree but not many will realize how long it took for that tree to reach its height.

This relates to success because often times, we see stories of people becoming professional athletes or any other example of acquiring success. However, we don’t see the years of dedication and action that these people took to even get to the point of achieving success.

Continue to take action towards your dreams and start building the roots for your success. Once you have watered and nurtured these roots, you will have the correct mindset and foundation for success to sprout.

Here are some tips that we learned from the farmer and the Chinese bamboo.

1. Ignore those who say that it can’t happen

2. Push past your own fear and doubt and take action

3. Have faith in yourself

4. People will try to bring you down, ignore them

5. Plant a dream and let it grow into reality by taking action

6. Always persist and never give up on your dreams

7. Success could take years of hard work, so if you’re not seeing results, keep going

8. Take action!

9. Focus on self-improvement FIRST because it will change your roots (mindset) which would then change your harvest (success)

– Perry Keith

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