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What if She’s Playing Hard to Get?

conceptusThere will be many times in which you meet a girl who you think could be playing hard to get.

Don’t get me wrong though, she might just not be attracted to you and don’t blame yourself if you make no effort in getting to know her and talking to her a lot in the beginning.

If you do make the effort to talk to her and she still plays hard to get, then you might have to just leave her and start meeting other chicks.

However, it’s sometimes hard to tell if she’s playing hard to get or if she’s just not interested in you.

I think that most girls play hard to get with guys they like because they don’t want to appear clingy and desperate. Who would want a chick whose constantly texting you all the time?

It may be fun at first knowing that you have a girl who is really into you but it could be a turn off later down the road.

I’ve met chicks that play hard to get even though they liked me, and I KNEW that they liked me because they actually enjoyed hanging out with me and showed other signs of interest.

Yet I wondered, why would she not text me back after our great time together?

Maybe she’s using push and pull on me?

If so, it worked because I was ALWAYS thinking about her and this made me text her every few days just to talk to her. It’s like I had to always chase her because she was the prize.

Guess what happened?

This probably pushed her away from me more because I appeared clingy.

I realized after a while that she probably just wasn’t interested even though we always had a good time whenever I saw her, which was once every few months.

I deleted her off my phone and started to try meeting new chicks. I was tired of her games and so there was no point in always messaging her first even though we had known each other for many months.

I did not care whether she would text me or not after I had deleted her, and she didn’t.

Sometimes you just have to move on to something better and that’s what I learned.

You should go for a girl that actually takes the effort to start a conversation with you especially when she’s known you for a while and if she’s attracted to you.

There’s no point chasing after girls who think they’re princesses and that all guys should hail down for them.

That was the girl I had met, she was gorgeous and obviously many dudes constantly tried to get at her.

Sometimes ignoring a chick works if she’s attracted to you. Some dudes do it by accident in which they meet a chick and talk to them etc. and then later go on to meet more chicks.

This results in the first chick he met chasing him because all his attention is towards his new chick, hence he’s technically ‘ignoring’ them.

Some chicks play hard to get because they want guys to chase them and know if they’re actually interested in them.

Some chicks will realize how much you meant to them once you don’t talk to them and make no contact with them for a few weeks/months and some chicks don’t care even if they’re attracted to you.

Moral of the story: if she’s playing hard to get even after you tried to build attraction with her by talking to her and giving her attention in the beginning, then it’s best to just ignore her and see if she comes back into your life.

There’s no point in messaging her or giving her attention in anyway after all the work you put in.

You never know, she might come back into your life or she might move on. This revolves closely around the concept of push and pull.

– Perry Keith

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