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Using Sex and Dirty Talk to Turn Women On and Get Them Into Bed

dirty One thing that a lot of men do wrong on their first dates with women and something that turns women off more than anything else is having very boring and lame conversations with girls.

These men will text girls, ask them out on dates, and then when they actually get those girls on dates… these men will go on to BORE these poor women to death.

One of 2 things either ends up happening when the  “average man” gets a beautiful woman out on a date:

The man will try to brag to these women about his accomplishments, the car that he owns and drives, and where he works (which is a very ineffective strategy)


the man will launch into interview mode and begin asking the woman he is with a bunch of boring surface level questions that again… does nothing but put the girl he is with to sleep (this strategy also does NOT work)

The girls will usually leave the dates with these lame and boring men feeling unsatisfied and feeling terrible about having gone out with these men in the first place.

The man will almost always leave the date wondering why the girl who he went out with hasn t texted him back and isn t responding back to his text messages?

The man will NEVER take the time to figure out exactly why his current approach to women and dating isn t working. 

Fortunately, you re not like these typical average men. You re a REAL man who is interested in learning everything that you can about the opposite sex and improving your relationships with them at the same time.

Well, one thing that women absolutely LOVE is a man who can talk dirty to them and use sex talk to turn them on and sexually arouse them. A man who understands that all women really ARE sluts on the inside and have an inner naughty side. A man who understands that on dates, girls dont want to talk about their job, their family problems, etc. Girls want to talk about their fantasies, their passions, their inner most thoughts and secrets that they usually only share with those most closest to them.

In this article, I am going to teach and show you how YOU can BECOME that man, a man who women LOVE talking to, a man who turns women on and gets them lusting after him… and I am also going to show you how to use sex and dirty talk to turn women on and get them into your bed.

Prepare yourself…

Using Sex and Dirty Talk to Turn Women On 

Whenever you are out on a first date with a girl and you want to spice things up and turn the conversation sexual, there are a series of questions that you must ask every girl. But first I must make a disclaimer…

Disclaimer: These questions sound and appear innocent however… when asked they cause a woman to experience a different range of emotions, some bad and some good, but the great thing about these questions is that they can allow you to set the mood in a very sexual way and get girls horny and thinking about doing nothing except having sex with YOU.

Whenever I am out on a first date with a girl and I want to turn the conversation very sensual and sexual, I will ask a girl THIS question first…

“How many men have you been with… romantically?”

I will ask this question in a very specific way. I will purposely ask the first part of this question slowly which will make her think that Im asking her how many men she has slept with… but THEN I will throw in the word romantically which quickly lightens the mood and turns it into a very innocent sounding question.

Girls will usually say an innocent answer such as sometimes only 4 men and sometimes 22 men. Upon the woman answering my question I will follow up my first question with this question…

“When was the last one?”

I will then begin asking the woman a series of other innocent sounding relationship questions such as…

“What was your longest relationship?”

Followed up with the question…

“When did it end?”

And then upon the girl answering these innocent sounding questions, I will casually jokingly say “Okay, it s time for me to start asking you the tough difficult questions.”

Then I will ask her…

“When was the last time you masturbated?”

After she answers I will follow it up by asking her…

“Where was it?”

Note: This is the part where the girls will usually respond by asking YOU very sexual and personal questions which truthfully is exactly what we want. During this stage of the interaction feel free to boast and brag about your sexual skills and about how girls instantly get sexually addicted to you after they first sleep with you.

Some other excellent questions you can ask her include…

“Where is the craziest place you ve ever had sex?”

“What s your favorite position?”

“Are you a good kisser?”

After asking these questions I will ask her the ULTIMATE question… the HOLY GRAIL of questions… THE question to ask if you want to get girls lusting after you and thinking about having sex with you fast…

If you want to turn a conversation sexual fast and get girls wanting to PROVE themselves to YOU, ask girls THIS question…

“On a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate yourself in the sack?”

Asking girls this question WILL make their pussies wet, make them want to qualify and prove themselves to you, and make it downright EASY for you to get them into bed MINUTES later.

How Important Is It to Talk Dirty and Sexual to Girls?

Talking dirty and sexual to women isnt that important IF… your goal is to unnecessarily drag out the entire dating and seduction process.

As I have said many times on this blog before, “All Women Are Sluts” and have an inner naughty side and it is up to YOU to bring this part of them out into the forefront.

As I ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, most men are BORING and lame. They talk about boring lame topics with girls and then they end up wondering why girls never pick up the phone whenever they call or respond back to their text messages.

The solution?

Don t be boring whenever you interact and talk to women. Spice things up, bring out a woman s emotions, get her feeling naughty, sexy, horny, etc.

Do all of these things and you will separate yourself from the pact. You will stand out apart from all of the other lame men who are too busy wining and dining women, paying for dates, and being a nice guy,etc. 

These men CONTINUE to turn women off.

But YOU?

Women will respond positively to YOU. Using the knowledge contained within this article and spread throughout this entire blog women will eagerly jump into bed with you wanting to be seduced by you and wanting to prove to you just how wonderful and great that they are in the sack.

– Malcolm Thomas

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