Unleash The Beast: How To Release Your Inner Alpha

“Discover The Life Changing Secrets That Has Allowed Me To Radically Enhance My Confidence, Charisma, Discipline, Productivity, and Sex Life”

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Dear friend,

My name is Michael Wheeler and I was not always a confident, charismatic, and successful Alpha Male.

In the past, I was skinny and weak, weighing a measly 140 pounds. My insecurities ruled my life – I’d look down at the pavement as I walked to class, and I spent most of my time playing video games locked inside my tiny dorm room.

The first weekend of my freshman year of college, I somehow managed to bring a girl home. BUT I had no idea what to do, so I told her to leave and didn’t even try to get laid for the next 2 years. I was so depressed I pretty much suppressed my masculine desire to even talk to girls.

My life deteriorated to the point that I was living unconsciously. I was sleepwalking through life to avoid the pain that even thinking about my goals or aspirations caused me.

If Only I’d Had A Guide To Help Me Rapidly Demolish Insecurities And Develop Confidence

Then I came across the site Women Attracted and met Malcolm Thomas. His passion for self-improvement was contagious and I soon became obsessed with lifting weights, attracting women, and becoming a better man. This also gave me an insane level of discipline.

Finally, I made the choice to quit my 9-5 and escape the cubicle lifestyle. I’ve been following my passions for fitness and entrepreneurship ever since. This change allowed me to fully embrace my masculine freedom – our innate desire to be in control of our own journey.



This eBook is the culmination of these transformations. I’ve distilled the most impactful habits and belief systems that changed myself and my clients into confident, and charismatic men.

 What’s Included


When you look good, you feel good. Learn to re-invent your look so you can re-invent your life.


Learn my best kept secrets that will allow you to build muscle quickly, shed all of your unwanted body fat, and get into top-notch shape.


Learn how to attract women, talk to them, get their phone number, and set up dates.


Learn where and when to take girls on dates. Know how to get them to your place and what to do if things don’t go as planned. Best of all- Learn how to help take control of your anxiety


Learn to confidently escalate to sex even if you’re extremely nervous or completely clueless

Unleash The Beast: How To Release Your Inner Alpha is designed to help increase feelings of:

♦ Confidence

♦ Strength

♦ Self Determination

♦ Accomplishment

♦ Self Discipline

♦ and Creativity

Take Control Of Your Life Starting TODAY!

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