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The Biggest Mistakes Men Make That Turn Women Off

turn offs for womenThere are many men who still don’t know how to approach and talk to women correctly.

These men continue to make the same mistakes with women over and over again. And the worst part is, these guys don’t even realize what it is that they are doing that is turning women off.

This article will reveal to you the 3 biggest mistakes most men make with women that turn them off.

After reading this article you will know and understand which 3 things NOT to do when trying to pick-up a girl which will help increase your chances of having a pick-up go successful.

Mistake #1: Talking Too Much And Not Listening Enough

If there is one thing that turns women off more than anything else, it is not listening enough to what women are saying. And most men end up talking way too much when they interact with women.

Here’s the truth: Talking more does NOT help you create or build attraction. It only helps you KILL attraction.

Not understanding this one simple fact is what causes many men to get rejected, humiliated, and stay lonely.

The key into a girl’s pants is to get her to do most of the talking and to get her sharing her emotions with you. It’s only when a woman shares things with you, that she’s feels a connection and a powerful bond between the 2 of you is building.

By focusing on listening more and talking less you also prevent yourself from the possibility of saying the wrong thing that could turn women off.

A guy who knows how to listen to women is rare, because he only speaks when he has something interesting to say, and because of that he commands respect and attention.

By trying to “impress” girls and get girls to “like” you by bragging about the car that you drive, or how much money that you make, most guys end of shooting themselves in the foot.

This causes women to lose respect for these men because these men are trying to “impress” them.

But a high value guy doesn’t try to impress women and brag about his tales. He allows his actions and non-verbal demeanor to speak for him.

And girls find this very attractive. He doesn’t show all his cards, a girl will have to dig in and ask him questions in order to learn the most important things about him.

Start talking less, and focus on listening more and you will begin finding more success in your future pick-up attempts.

Mistake #2: Talking About Boring Things That Do NOT Interest Women

Most men after approaching a girl will begin to talk about boring topics. Things that most girls would not find interesting.

What do most men talk about after they approach a woman?

The weather, where a girl works, the grass, what a girl is wearing, etc.

All boring topics that do nothing to capture a girls interest or to keep a girls attention. In fact, talking about these same old lame boring things is the reason why so many men fail when they try approaching women.

You’ve got to look at it from the woman’s point of view.

Here she is, just now got off of work and this guy who she knows nothing about is asking her all of these weird and boring questions about her job.

A girl who has just now gotten off of work does not want to spend the rest of her evening talking about work. That to her is boring and uninteresting.

By approaching women and not having anything interesting to say or not knowing what to say, you give a girl no reason to continue to talk to you which is why most women will politely reject you, such as:

“Well, it was really nice meeting you, but I have to go meet up with my friends now.”

She’s saying this because talking to you is NOT fun or interesting, so she’d rather make up some excuse to get away from you.

Talking about boring topics is one definite surefire way to get rejected when you try to pick up a girl.

Mistake #3: The Fear Of Rejection Prevents Them From Approaching Women

Perhaps the #1 mistake men make with women is being too afraid to approach them to begin with. This fear comes from the thought of facing rejection or getting criticized.

But this fear of getting rejected is seriously misguided. If a girl rejects you, she isn’t actually rejecting YOU. She is rejecting YOUR APPROACH.

How could she possibly reject YOU, she doesn’t know anything about you or what positive traits that you bring to the table.

It is the manner that you presented yourself in that she found particularly unattractive, which caused her to reject you.

But getting rejected isn’t a big deal. Because, for every girl who will say “no” to you, there is another girl right around the corner from her who will say “yes” to you.

This is where having and maintaining an abundance mentality is so very important. Getting rejected is simply a part of the pick-up game.

One thing I always say is “A guy who isn’t getting rejected, is a guy who isn’t getting laid.”

And that’s the truth.

No guy can get ANY girl, but what you CAN do is get every type of girl that you find attractive and interesting.

You just have to approach them in the correct manner and in a way that comes across as “attractive”.

Stop Turning Women Off And Start Turning Women On

By learning about the biggest and most common mistakes that most men make with women, you can save yourself both time and frustration.

That’s what this site is for, to give you the shortcut and the roadmap to succeeding with the girls who you desire most.

By you continuing to approach women, talk to them, and sleep with them, you will continue to turn yourself into a more attractive man day-by-day.

So make sure NOT to make these silly mistakes that most men make the next time you talk to that cute girl and by you doing so, you will enable yourself to find much more success.

-Malcolm Thomas

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