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There Was This One Special Girl, Part 3: Hitting Rock Bottom

ye As you read in the previous chapter of my story, I was determined to get my dream girl back.

Using the advice and skills I have gotten from early Pick-Up and Game in the early 2000’s, I had formulated a way to get the girl of my dreams back into my life. 

I was DJing a party at a local club and wrote my crush an email. I told her that I needed help selecting the right mix for the show.

Normally I would’ve played electronica (dance music being my favorite genre), but wanted to incorporate more hip-hop and rap into my set. These two genres were her favorites and she was more than happy to help me. I was in shock; she actually wanted to meet up with me!

We met up at a local burger joint and I pretended to care about her musical choice. I knew that I would never play that type of music; I just wanted to sit with her.

Again, I was being dishonest and lying to her. Immediately my true needy personality came out. I wanted validation of everyone around me. I wanted people to see me sitting and having a great conversation with this beautiful girl.

After we were done, I invited her and several of her friends as VIP guests to the party. Although I had no real say in who got in on the list, I just wanted to sound like I was important.

The night of the party came and several of her friends had to pay to get in. She angrily called me and said that her friends demanded a refund for admission. I had to pay their cover out of my own pocket. She enjoyed herself, got free drinks courtesy of the bar and owner.

She barely hung out with me and left the party without even saying good bye. I had to call her a few days later and she thanked me for the invite.

Things progressed like that for a few more months. We would make plans, she’d stand me up. Often then calling me and getting mad that I didn’t remind her of our dates. I would rush to her whenever she needed something. I’d get a quick thank you, nothing more. No kisses, no touching, no sex.

The rock bottom came one weekend prior to a big fashion show being put on by the school. She called me, asking me for an original mix to be played during the show. I then spent the next couple of days putting one together.

We met up at a local festival where I gave her the CD. She thanked me and then left me standing alone as she went off with her friends. No invitation to join her, to talk, hang out, etc. I was upset and angry. Here I was investing time and energy into her, getting NOTHING in return. I would learn later that she never listened to the mix and threw it away.

That night, trying to take me mind off my ever increasing heart ache, I went out bar hopping. This decision would later turn out to be the worst night of my college life.

I was full of angry, sadness, frustration, and self-pity. You combine that with an open bar and you have a recipe for disaster. I’m not normally not a drinker, but that night I consumed so much alcohol I was thrown out of the bar.

I stumbled through the streets in a drunken stumper, throwing up in alley ways, falling over into the dirt over and over again. I crawled up the stairs to my apartment and threw up more in the sink. I had no friends to turn to or women in my life. 

I was constantly broke and couldn’t afford a bed, I slept on a full of holes air mattress on the floor, often to the exploration of roaches that would find their way on it. It’s no fun waking up in the middle of the night with a roach trying to get into your mouth.

My roommates didn’t care about my women problems and left the room whenever I tried asking for advice. My fixation on this woman started to annoy my friends and they would change the topic whenever I brought her up. 

Our communications got shorter and briefer. She would forget dates and not even call. The worst example being a dinner night we had planned only for her to forget and go to another guy’s house for a party.

Her being in my life was affecting my health, education, finances, and mental well-being. I couldn’t think straight, she was constantly on my mind. Everything I did was to get her attention, but it only seemed to drive her away.

I would pass over girls that generally displayed interest in me for the small hope with a girl that didn’t. It was making me sick. I would hear the stories and rumors about her hooking up with random dudes. Guys would use her and discard her after the night.

I thought to myself “Why does she keep hooking up with these jerky bad boys? What do they have that I don’t? Why wasn’t she attracted to me with all the time and energy I was putting into her?”

‘Game’ had affected so much of my personality at that point that whenever the real me would immerge from the routines and antics, women would be scared off. I couldn’t hold a conversation, break rapport, sexually escalate or move beyond the “friend zone” that I kept landing myself into.

I was angry, sad, and worst of all sexually frustrated. I switched my major back, dropped my minor. I moved out of the house with the guys I didn’t like, and went home for the summer.

The girl would still be on my mind, but I knew that it was over, that she wouldn’t talk to me anymore. I thought I would put it behind me and move on. I had to get my life back on track.


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