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There Was This One Special Girl, Part 2: The Truth About Dating and Pick Up

act there As you read in the first chapter of this story, I was emotional, needy, and not a very attractive guy.

The woman of my dreams had learned that not only was I a liar, but was talking about her behind her back. For the next several months, she ignored me all together.

You’re probably wondering why I just didn’t move on to the next girl and leave this mess behind me? 

Looking back at it now, I would’ve dropped her at the first sign of trouble. However I was only in my early 20’s, immature and inexperienced when it came to relationships.

There were hundreds of beautiful girls at my school and I made a lot of close friendships with some. In the back of my head though, they weren’t the one I wanted most.

It was now my junior year of college. I hadn’t seen the girl of my dreams for months. When I finally did, she ignored me and would walk past me, as if I wasn’t even there.  I wanted her back in my life and started to take life changing steps to do so.

First I changed my major to something I thought would be cooler: Film and Sound design.

I thought a degree in this field would have more positive rep, attract the ‘in crowd’ and increase my social standing. I wouldn’t be one of those dorks that just sat around and drew comics. I would be out making movies, creating a name for myself, getting more attention. But I only wanted ONE person’s attention.

Not only did this add more time to my college life, but also more loans I had to take out to cover it. The financial repercussions would come back to haunt me. I moved off campus, cause what girl would want to date a guy that lived in the dorms, right? Now I could barely afford my rent, bills, etc. I moved in with a couple of film majors that I found out I had nothing in common with and thus never talked to accept to pay the bills. Bills that I had to pay with borrowed money.

Next to suffer were my grades. My GPA dropped from a 3.5 to a 2.2. I was taking heavily technical classes involved complicated film and sound editing software.  Gone were the creative and story driving courses I enjoyed. I was taking classes and hanging out with people that I had generally no common interests in.

During this time I had been DJing for the local radio station and had been invited to perform with friends at clubs around the city. I was soon offered regular spots and began making a little money with my talent. But this was all a means to an end. I would become the awesome party guy and get the love of my life back. My personality started to change. I saw a shift in my priorities of what I should’ve been concentrating on. My social life would take over, leaving my academic pursuits far behind.

My Journey Into the Pick Up Artist Community  

Around this time I first found out about pick up and game.

I’ll be perfectly honest here, and this is just MY opinion.  Pick up and gaming in the early 2000’s was horrible.  Probably some of the WORST advice you’d ever read about how to attract women, be successful in dating, and getting laid.

Pick up around this time was all about being someone different. The thought at the time being was that if you’re not good enough for the woman as you are, you need to be someone else, much to the dismissal of your REAL personality.

Your goal was to use cocky and funny humor to first break down a girl’s defenses,  to raise yourself above her, neg her, make fun of her, tear her down. Thus elevating your own status above her. You had to memorize entire sets and routines stacks to the letter, that’s how it worked. Everything was a process, nothing left to chance. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

I brought books, cd sets workshops, listened to interviews with so called dating masters. I learned about NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), hand games, showing pics, even to an extent pea cocking when I was playing in the clubs.

For the most part, it worked.  I would open up girls waiting around for the student buses, in between classes, around campus, the school cafeteria. Some liked it and others were offended. I would get phone numbers, even a few DATES from it. However my real personality would come out after I had run out of routines. The girls would lose interest and leave.  

After a bit of practice, and a few dates with other girls, I believed myself versed in game enough to get that one girl back. I followed the advice of a dating expert on ‘how to win your ex back’ to the letter and wrote my dream girl an email.

It worked.


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